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Too much of a good thing
Fall 2010
Science has been predicting and measuring our warming planet for more than a century now. But it was only in the last two decades that most Americans came to believe the earth’s temperature was indeed rising and that the main culprit is the...
Categories: Biological sciences, Agriculture, Environmental studies
Tags: Nitrogen, Greenhouse gases, Nitrate fertilizer, Climate change

Great promise in a nitrogen conundrum
Spring 2009
Mike Kahn and Svetlana Yurgel, molecular biologists in Washington State University’s Institute of Biological Chemistry, have a challenge on their hands that involves one of the most abundant, but also difficult to obtain, substances on earth. Nea...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Nitrogen, Molecular biology

A library of rhizobial genes
Fall 2004
Kahn and his team have nearly completed a monumental step in understanding nitrogen fixation.
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences
Tags: Nitrogen, Genetics, Bacteria