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Of mice, men, and wheat
Winter 2013

Mice may have played a major role in the evolution of wheat, as they fed on the stores of grain harvested by humans.

Categories: Agriculture, History
Tags: Mice, Wheat, Evolution

Looking for life’s origins in the clouds of a moon
Fall 2012

Carol Turse, a doctoral candidate in WSU’s School of the Environment’s Laboratory for Astrobiological Investigations, is conducting a variation of the Miller-Urey experiment, the first successful laboratory attempt to test theories about the origin of life, to simulate the atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan.

Categories: Space sciences
Tags: Titan, Astrobiology, Saturn, Evolution

An evolutionary myth is dismissed
Winter 2011
Even though a paper on guppy senescence by evolutionary biologist Donna Holmes and her colleagues has circulated for several years, the “grandmother hypothesis” still persists.And understandably so. One of those rare feel-good stories f...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Evolutionary biology, Menopause, Evolution

The Song is You—An Instinct for Music
Spring 2011
What is music good for, anyway?
Categories: Music, Biological sciences, Anthropology
Tags: Songs, Neuroscience, Evolution

New threats, new science
Spring 2011
Sure, Darwin had to battle seasickness aboard the HMS Beagle, and he spent nearly five years getting to and from the Galapagos Islands, and it took another 23 years to incorporate his findings into his seminal work on evolutionary biology.But at ...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Animal diseases, Birds, Evolution

What is Art For?
Spring 2009
Art, says independent scholar Ellen Dissanayake '57, is "making special." It is an act that gives us a sense of belonging and meaning. It is passed from mother to child. Its origins lie deep in our evolutionary past. It makes us human.
Categories: Anthropology, Fine Arts
Tags: Evolution, Art history, Dance

Darwin was just the beginning: A sampler of evolutionary biology at WSU
Spring 2007

All of modern biology and medicine is based on the theory of evolution, and every life scientist arguably is an evolutionary biologist. So where to start in exploring evolutionary biology at WSU? How about with dung beetles, African violets, and promiscuous wrens?

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Education, Birds, Evolution

Bright plumage against green foliage: the grandeur and beauty of evolution
Spring 2007
"Art can be considered as a behavior . . . like play, like food sharing, like howling, that is, something humans do because it helps them to survive, and to survive better than they would without it." —Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Evolution

Ray Troll: A story of fish, fossils, and funky art
Spring 2007
Ray Troll '81 has a species of ratfish named after him, Hydrolagus trolli. He calls Darwin "Chuckie D" and paints pictures of him driving around in an Evolvo. This is a man who has embraced his past and paints it wildly and beautifully.
Categories: Alumni, Music, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Evolution, Artists

On the origin of species—again
Spring 2004
Everyone calls them genius awards, except the foundation that gives them. When describing recipients of its annual $500,000 grants, the MacArthur Foundation avoids "genius"-rather, says the Foundation, MacArthur Fellows are people who transcend bo...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Evolution, Flowers

A bizarre, slimy animal shows its stuff
Winter 2002
Without jaws, most vertebrates-including us-would be stuck hanging around in the ocean or on the ground, unable to bite and scooping up or filtering food. We'd also be smaller. Instead, we're fearsome predators and herbivores, with big brains and ...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Genetics, Evolution

An expert on human evolution, a long-distance driver
Fall 2002
Grover S. Krantz, world-renowned anthropologist and longtime Washington State University professor, died on February 14, 2002 in Port Angeles, Washington after an  eight-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Professor Krantz, or Grover, as eve...
Categories: WSU faculty, Anthropology
Tags: Evolution, In memoriam

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Winter 2001
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Evolution, Dr. Universe