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A Season for Seeds
Winter 2008
STRANGE THINGS sprout in Skagit Valley's fields: Monster plants with six-foot stalks covered with yellow flowers, delicate ferny-leaved things with round white heads holding hundreds of tiny blossoms, and unruly tangles of leaves, spears, and spik...
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Seeds

It's Only a Model
Winter 2005
Modelers don't always expect their models to be "right." But they do expect them to help explain our world.
Categories: Biological sciences, WSU faculty
Tags: Shakespeare, Modeling, Seeds

In Search of the Wild Chickpea
Summer 2005

About an hour into our continued search, Walt called out that he had found it. It was on a slope so steep and rocky, we had to lie on our sides to keep from sliding down. But that was the good news, because the plant was apparently thriving in a niche where competing plants could not survive.

Categories: Botany, Agriculture
Tags: Seeds, Chickpea, Republic of Georgia