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Billions Served
Fall 2011

Seven billion people will soon become nine billion before the global population levels off. Can so many people be fed from a finite Earth? Yes, they can, say WSU researchers. But the solutions will necessarily be many.

Categories: Social work, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Population, Hunger, Wheat, International development

Time Out in the World
Summer 2010
Today's graduates aren't just dropping into the rat race. They're going to Africa, South America, Seattle and Spokane. They're out to see the world and make a difference.
Categories: Social work, Alumni
Tags: Charity, International development, Housing, Volunteer

An Afghanistan success story
Winter 2008
The people of Laghman province in eastern Afghanistan suffered through a severe drought from 1997 through 2001. On top of years of conflict, the drought took an enormous toll on its people. Farmers sold off their cattle as the drought worsened, un...
Categories: Agriculture, Social work
Tags: International development, Afghanistan