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A Washington sabbatical for Afghan scholars
Winter 2010
We’re an Afghan/WSU contingent marching up Western Avenue in Seattle. Four Afghan men, all good friends, are dressed in suits and carrying big bouquets of flowers. They are in a boisterous mood. Not only is it a glorious day, they have WSU-...
Categories: Public affairs, Political science
Tags: Afghanistan, Public service, Government

Letters for Spring 2010
Spring 2010
Track to the futureWhat a joy to hear about the possible return of the Palouse Goose! (Winter 09/10) I have many great memories of traveling between Spokane and Pullman in the early 60’s on the single-car “train” that carried us to and fr...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters, Afghanistan, Trains

An Afghanistan success story
Winter 2008
The people of Laghman province in eastern Afghanistan suffered through a severe drought from 1997 through 2001. On top of years of conflict, the drought took an enormous toll on its people. Farmers sold off their cattle as the drought worsened, un...
Categories: Agriculture, Social work
Tags: International development, Afghanistan

Architecture from the Weapons of War
Spring 2004
Homes constructed from artillery shells. Military tanks used as foundations for bridges. Flowerpots that were once parts of missiles. In Afghanistan, a generation of war has resulted in a strange new architecture, built from the implements of dest...
Categories: Fine Arts, Architecture and design
Tags: Weapons, Photography, Afghanistan

Rebuilding a city, repairing psyches
Spring 2003
"You can't put the blame on one side. Everybody has made some contributions to the misery."So thought Rafi Samizay, professor in the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University, as he stood in what is left of ...
Categories: WSU faculty, Architecture and design
Tags: Afghanistan