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Fine Specimens
Winter 2008
Washington State University is home to three superb research collections, all begun soon after the young agricultural college opened its doors. What makes them research collections, says Ownbey Herbarium director Larry Hufford, is "sheer numbers." The Conner Zoology Museum has about 69,000 specimens, the Herbarium about 375,000, and the James Entomology Collection more than 1.25 million. These numbers make WSU's collections among the best in the nation.
Categories: Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Herbarium, Zoology, Entomology, Museums

Measuring a career in elephant years
Winter 2008
Rose-Tu warily eyes the stranger shuffling toward her. He is moving slowly and grasping the arm of a human she sees almost daily. As Matthew Maberry (D.V.M. '47) plants his cane inside the Oregon Zoo's elephant compound, he lifts his eyes and retu...
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Elephant, Zoology

Herbert Eastlick mentored thousands
Winter 2002
Zoology professor Herbert L. Eastlick was devoted to preparing students for professional careers in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. He once described himself as a "taskmaster and autocrat in the classroom," motivated by his overridin...
Categories: Biological sciences, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Zoology

Shanthi the elephant is due in December
Winter 2001
AS YOU MIGHT WELL IMAGINE, artificially inseminating an elephant is a touchy business. But, says Janine Brown, artificial insemination (AI) is an important tool, because natural reproduction can be difficult for captive elephants. ...
Categories: Breeding, Veterinary medicine
Tags: Zoology, Elephant