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Measuring a career in elephant years
Winter 2008
Rose-Tu warily eyes the stranger shuffling toward her. He is moving slowly and grasping the arm of a human she sees almost daily. As Matthew Maberry (D.V.M. '47) plants his cane inside the Oregon Zoo's elephant compound, he lifts his eyes and retu...
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Elephant, Zoology

Shanthi delivers 350-pound calf
Spring 2002
The wait is over.Shanthi, a 25-year old Asian elephant (Washington State Magazine, Nov. 2001), delivered a 325-pound male calf November 25, 2001 at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.Janine Brown (’80 M.S., ’84 Ph.D. Animal Sci.) coordinated th...
Categories: Veterinary medicine, Alumni
Tags: Elephant

Shanthi the elephant is due in December
Winter 2001
AS YOU MIGHT WELL IMAGINE, artificially inseminating an elephant is a touchy business. But, says Janine Brown, artificial insemination (AI) is an important tool, because natural reproduction can be difficult for captive elephants. ...
Categories: Breeding, Veterinary medicine
Tags: Zoology, Elephant