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Darwin was just the beginning: A sampler of evolutionary biology at WSU
Spring 2007

All of modern biology and medicine is based on the theory of evolution, and every life scientist arguably is an evolutionary biologist. So where to start in exploring evolutionary biology at WSU? How about with dung beetles, African violets, and promiscuous wrens?

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Education, Birds, Evolution

Can America compete in a 'Flat' World?
Summer 2006
Many of you are familiar with Thomas Friedman's argument, in The World is Flat, that technology has eliminated many barriers to competition and thus created today's globally competitive economic environment. His dramatic examples of outsourcing s...
Categories: Economics, Sociology
Tags: WSU presidents, Economy, Education, Budget

Camp Larson—a heritage reclaimed
Fall 2005
For the first time in maybe a century, ceremonial songs of the Coeur d'Alene tribe floated across Cottonwood Bay on Lake Coeur d'Alene last spring. The Coeur d'Alenes were reclaiming a portion of their ancestral lands, a place where they can conne...
Categories: WSU history
Tags: Native Americans, Education

Our Kind of Town
Winter 2004
Spokane is undeniably a beautiful place to live and raise a family. Its downtown is once again vibrant. But it takes more than attitude and livability to drive an economy. That's where higher education comes in.
Categories: WSU Spokane
Tags: Education, Urban planning, Growth

Ideas, Buildings, and Mirrors
Winter 2004
Torn between respect for its natural surroundings and a desire for cosmopolitan sophistication, Spokane lends a unique perspective to the notion that works of architecture reflect what a community thinks of itself.
Categories: Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
Tags: Education, Teaching

Guiding Student-Athletes to Academic Success
Winter 2004
Balancing academic and athletic commitments in college can be a tough. On top of classes, labs, assignments, studying, and tests, student-athletes devote an enormous amount of time to conditioning and practice, plus travel and competing. Some 450 ...
Categories: WSU students, Athletics
Tags: Education

Hazy, crazy days of summer... science
Winter 2004
In the chemistry laboratory in Fuller Hall, Cougar Summer Science campers are either making bouncy balls through cross-linking polymers or figuring out the generation properties of oxygen. Tossing her laboratory-produced ball in the air, Kyleigh ...
Categories: Chemistry, Biological sciences
Tags: Children, Education

Kemble Stout left mark as WSU music educator, administrator, performer
Winter 2004

Categories: Alumni, WSU faculty
Tags: Music, Education, Composers

The art of communicating by signing
Fall 2004
Fingers flew at a rapid pace for Nancy Kikendall during the 2002-03 academic year at Gallaudet University for the deaf and hard of hearing in Washington, D.C. She was among only a few hearing students accepted into the school's graduate program. T...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: American Sign Language, Children, Education

Dick Bennett's mantra: "Play hard, smart, and together"
Fall 2003
In more than three decades of coaching, Dick Bennett has developed a simple philosophy about basketball. It's a team game. "Once players understand and embrace that concept, basketball becomes simple-at both ends of the floor," he says." Viewed s...
Categories: Athletics
Tags: Basketball, Coach, Education

WSU Alumni Association honors Seals, Sharratt
Fall 2003
Rupert Grant Seals, one of WSU's first Black Ph.D.sRupert Grant Seals was honored twice by Washington State University, where he gained distinction as the fifth African American to earn a doctorate ('60 Animal Science).He received the Alumni Achiev...
Categories: Awards and honors, Alumni
Tags: Education, African Americans, Alumni Achievement Award

World War II decision influenced Brimble's career
Fall 2003
A single gunshot wound influenced Bob Brimble to change his career direction more than 50 years ago.While serving with the U.S. Army in China during World War II, he was shot in the leg. The nearest doctor was 10 days away by pack mule. But after ...
Categories: Veterinary medicine, Alumni
Tags: Education

George E. Duvall, gentleman scholar
Summer 2003
George E. Duval, 82, a pioneer of shock physics research and professor emeritus at Washington State University, died January 3, 2003 in Vancouver. He was internationally recognized as a founder and leader in studies related to shock wave propagati...
Categories: WSU faculty, Physics
Tags: In memoriam, Shock physics, Education

Picha, Herrick, Murdock honored by WSU Alunmi Association
Summer 2003
Washington State University created the Alumni Achievement Award in 1969 to honor alumni who have provided significant service and contributions to their profession, community, and/or WSU. In recent months, three individuals have been recognized.D...
Categories: Awards and honors, Alumni
Tags: Children, Education, Alumni Achievement Award

Bhatia built Honors, International Programs
Summer 2003
Career educator Vishnu N. "Vic" Bhatia was a builder. Not with bricks and mortar, but with vision, drive, and diplomacy. He demonstrated this during his 47 years (1951-98) at Washington State University as a teacher, administrator, innovator, and ...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Education, WSU Honors Program, Students

White gave students and colleagues "a sense of hope and pride"
Summer 2003
More than half of Washington State University's living pharmacy alumni graduated during Allen I. White's 39-year tenure (1940-1979) as professor and/or dean of the College of Pharmacy. He was appointed dean in 1960, a position he held until retire...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Pharmacy, Education

Eldridge sees WSU as a tight-knit family
Spring 2003
Ray Eldridge doesn't usually recommend hitchhiking. However, he didn't have many options a few years ago, when his car gave out near North Bend enroute to Pullman from Seattle. Not to worry. From the back seat, he retrieved a Washington State Univ...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Education, Alumni Association

School superintendent recognized on state, national levels
Summer 2002
R. Stephen Rasmussen capped two-plus decades as a school administrator by being named Washington Superintendent of the Year for 2001 and one of four finalists for National Superintendent of the Year.Rasmussen, 51, has been superintendent of the 7,...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Education

Alumni president Ed Little: "I always wanted to work with children"
Spring 2002
It’s been almost 30 years now, but Ed Little, president of the Washington State University Alumni Association, remembers it like yesterday.A sophomore and a member of the Cougar Yell Team, he was in Eugene, Oregon, for WSU’s 1974 football game...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Alumni Association, Education