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Arun Raha ’91—The good, the bad, and the budget
Summer 2011
When Arun Raha ’91 started work as the state of Washington’s chief economist three years ago, his new staffers welcomed him with a gift: an official Magic 8 Ball.“I said ‘OK, great! Now I have a forecasting tool,’” he recalls.If onl...
Categories: Alumni, Economics, Public affairs
Tags: Economist, State government, Budget

Interesting times, Part II
Fall 2009
Having not been spared from Washington State University’s recent budget woes, we can think of no other way to absorb our share of the cuts than to drop one issue of the printed Washington State Magazine.Now, before I go on, let me make a few quic...
Categories: WSU history, Websites
Tags: Budget

Can America compete in a 'Flat' World?
Summer 2006
Many of you are familiar with Thomas Friedman's argument, in The World is Flat, that technology has eliminated many barriers to competition and thus created today's globally competitive economic environment. His dramatic examples of outsourcing s...
Categories: Economics, Sociology
Tags: WSU presidents, Economy, Education, Budget

Adjusting to life during college and after
Summer 2003
By the time he graduated from Washington State University, Terry Arndt ('93 Horticulture) had accumulated $20,000 in student loans, $5,000 in credit card bills, and car payments.Fortunately, he found a job right away, and a financial advisor. She ...
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