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Greg Blanchard—On timing and taste
Summer 2013

WSU executive chef Greg Blanchard shares his knowledge and experience of cooking at the university for 25 years, as he approaches retirement this July.

Categories: WSU history, Food, Culinary Arts
Tags: WSU staff, Chef, Cooking, Dining halls

Donald Wayne Bushaw 1926–2012—A great teacher and a great learner
Summer 2012
“Learning should be an unending process,” said Don Bushaw in an interview some years back. Anyone who knew him at all will know this was no idle observation. Bushaw, who first arrived at Washington State College in 1943 as a 17-year-old fre...
Categories: Mathematics, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Mathematicians, WSU staff

Hal Dengerink 1943-2011—Tribute to Hal
Spring 2012
On September 14, 2011, the first chancellor of Washington State University Vancouver, Hal Dengerink, passed away at the age of 68.I first met Hal Dengerink when he came to WSU Vancouver from WSU Pullman to oversee the programs that were offer...
Categories: WSU Vancouver, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, WSU staff

Outsmarting Dementia
Winter 2011
We used to believe, says neuropsychologist Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, that if a person lived long enough, he or she would develop dementia. Now we know better, she says. Whether caused by Alzheimer’s or other disease, dementia ...
Categories: Biological sciences, Psychology, WSU faculty
Tags: Aging, Dementia, Memory, WSU staff

Bill ’69 and Felicia ’73 Gaskins—All in stride
Summer 2011
Bill Gaskins says he knows exactly when Felicia Cornwall fell in love with him. On a snowy day in 1963, the two were walking arm-in-arm along WSU’s Hello Walk. Felicia, a sophomore from Tacoma, was taking mincing steps through the ...
Categories: Cultural studies, Alumni, Pharmacy
Tags: WSU staff, Diversity, African Americans

Betty and Peggy Lee in 1936
Winter 2010
One day in 1936 Betty Lee and her twin sister Peggy, about four years old, posed for their mother in the Washington State College shirts given to them by Carl Morrow, then Dean of Men at WSU.Their parents, Don and Julia Lee, moved to Pullman in...
Categories: Alumni, WSU history
Tags: 1936, College Hill, WSU staff

Back from the ranch
Summer 2010
Sometime before May 1, Bill Moos ‘73 will become athletic director at WSU. So much needs to be done, but with Moos, it all seems possible.This is because he’s done it before. Moos helped turn Oregon into a Pac-10 and national power before l...
Categories: Athletics, Alumni
Tags: Athletic director, WSU staff

The Summer issue
Spring 2010
Some of you will not see the Summer issue of Washington State Magazine. Or so you say. I hope I can change your minds. I’m referring, of course, to our experimental online-only issue made possible by recent budget cuts. When I first announced...
Categories: Websites, Alumni
Tags: WSU staff

The Love Letters
Spring 2009
In 1907, Othello had no high school, so Xerpha Mae McCulloch '30 traveled 50 miles to Ritzville to finish school. There she met, and fell in love with, Edward Gaines, a few years her senior. The recent gift to Washington State University of her steamer trunk reveals the life of a woman whose story is not only threaded through the University's, but also through the story of agriculture in Washington State.
Categories: Memoirs, WSU history, Agriculture
Tags: WSU staff, Xerpha Gaines, Botany

Cougar Memory
Spring 2009
An essential part of being a Cougar (as well as being human) seems to be the need to tell one’s story of one’s youth and experiences here at Washington State University. To make it easier to do so and to share it with your fellow Cougs, we have...
Categories: WSU history, Alumni
Tags: WSU staff, Autobiography

Wallis Beasley, 92 - Sociologist, administrator, interim WSU president
Spring 2009
From young faculty member to acting president, Wallis Beasley had a profound influence on the direction of Washington State University. Beasley died at age 92 of age-related causes at Bishop Place in Pullman on May 20, 2008. He was born in Red B...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU staff, In memoriam

Tim Pavish new head of WSU Alumni Relations
Winter 2003
Tim Pavish has been named executive director of Washington State University Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association. The 1980 graduate of WSU's Edward R. Murrow School of Communication was selected from 50 applicants in a national search. He b...
Categories: WSU faculty, Alumni
Tags: Alumni Association, WSU staff

They're back! Doba's football staff includes five former Cougars
Summer 2003
As athletes they brought recognition to Washington State University. Now, as assistant coaches, Mike Levenseller, Michael Walker, Timm Rosenbach, Ken Greene, and George Yarno are being counted on to help shape the football future at their alma ma...
Categories: Athletics
Tags: WSU staff, Football

Robert Bates named University provost
Spring 2002
For starters, alumnus Robert C. Bates wants to get reacquainted with Washington State University, its goals, and needs “so we can work together to make this fine institution even better.”Bates began his duties as new provost and academic vice ...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: WSU staff, Administration

Catherine Mathews Friel is thankful for...Life in a Small College Town
Spring 2002
Catherine Friel has lived in Pullman nearly 100 years, and she has some stories to tell.
Categories: Alumni, WSU history
Tags: Pullman life, WSU staff