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An arboretum for WSU
Winter 2010
Over the coming years, 170 acres east of Airport Road in Pullman will be transformed into an arboretum, which will include a new bear center, a biodiversity center, a ...
Categories: Architecture and design, Campus life
Tags: Buildings, Gathering circle, Bears, Arboretum

A new life for Winnie
Spring 2008
Though she’s only three, Winnie the grizzly bear has already seen some rough times. Her mother left her last year. And when hunger drove her into a Yellowstone campground, park service employees did their best to haze her and scare her off. Even...
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Animal health, Bears

Biology by the numbers
Summer 2007

In normal times, Europe's brown bears live in a state of happy equilibrium. But under certain circumstances, things can go seriously awry, leading the males to commit what researcher Robert Wielgus calls sexually selected infanticide. Wielgus's most powerful tool against this eventuality is math.

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Europe, Wildlife, Bears

Sleep and Run—How do they do that?
Fall 2004
How can grizzlies hibernate for a season without any apparent loss of muscle?
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Sleep, Bears, Wildlife