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First Words for Fall 2013
Fall 2013

In the early 1950s, Washington State College and the Bureau of Reclamation published a Farmer’s Handbook for the Columbia Basin Project. Written for new farmers breaking ground in the newly irrigated Columbia Basin Project, the handbook offered advice to last of the pioneers in the West.

Categories: Agriculture, History
Tags: Columbia Basin Project, Farmers

A Cattle Drive
Spring 2012
Penn Cove may be known for its mussels, but just across the Whidbey Island bay from Coupeville is another operation—the Muzzall family farm, known to local grass-fed beef fans as the Three Sisters Cattle...
Food, Agriculture
Tags: Farmers, Beef, Cattle

A Feast of Good Things
Spring 2012

How do we Washingtonians eat? The author travels from farm to table to explore and explain Washington cuisine.

Categories: Food, Agriculture, Culinary Arts
Tags: Cuisine, Northwest history, Restaurants, Farmers, Farmers markets

Westward Ho!
Fall 2011
There was a time, not so long ago, in our great Northwest when boundaries were not a great concern. When the first non-Indian settlers reached the Palouse and the Columbia Plateau, they could look to the distant horizon and see nothing bu...
Categories: Agriculture, Earth sciences
Tags: Soil, Farmers

Farming in the rain
Spring 2006
Farming in the Skokomish River Valley can be a challenge, what with 60 to 80 inches of rain a year. One year, Hunter Farms's pumpkin fields flooded, the pumpkins bobbing like buoys on a temporary sea. Fortunately, the river receded in time for fam...
Categories: Alumni, Agriculture
Tags: Farmers

Bounty on the bluff
Fall 2005
The small farming community of Green Bluff lies nestled in the foothills of Mt. Spokane. Its bucolic setting belies the fact that it's just 15 miles north of Spokane. Take a meandering drive around "the Bluff," and you'll pass by dozens of family ...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Farmers, Tourism

Summer 2005
Toppenish-area farmer Kevin Bouchey has an affinity for asparagus, which his family has been growing since 1979. "It's a funny crop," says Bouchey, who also farms wheat and potatoes. "In a given farm year, you usually grow a plant and then harvest...
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Asparagus, Farmers

The Tie That Binds
Spring 2005
No matter what you want to blame--predatory pricing, vertical integration, foreign competition, globalization, urban sprawl--the fact of the matter is, rural America is packing it in. At least the rural America of our memory or imagination.
Categories: Agriculture, Economics
Tags: Farmers, Food