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Posts for Summer 2015
Summer 2015

Alumni write in letters remembering the post-World War II era of WSU and praising basketball Coach Ernie Kent.

Categories: Alumni, WSU history
Tags: Letters, World War II, Veterans

Posts for Winter 2014
Winter 2014

Letters from WSU alumni and faculty reflect on past stories. What's New introduces two new WSU college names: Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture and Carson College of Business.

Categories: Alumni, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Letters, Correction, Buildings

Posts for Summer 2014
Summer 2014

Letters, Tweets, and “What’s New” photo for the Summer 2014 issue.

Categories: WSU Spokane, Washington State Magazine, Alumni
Tags: Letters, Buildings

Posts for Winter 2013
Winter 2013

Letters from WSU alumni, photos of what's new on campus, and Tweets from WSU Discovery.

Categories: Alumni, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Letters, Buildings

Posts for Fall 2013
Fall 2013

Letters from WSU alumni on the giant "Go Cougs" sign on SR 26, "Gun Show Nation" article, and the profile of Dan and Val Ogden. It also features a new WSU Vancouver building.

Categories: Alumni, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Letters, Cougar pride, Buildings

Posts for Summer 2013
Summer 2013

Letters from alumni about Florence Wager and Washington apples, along with video and What's New? at WSU.

Categories: Alumni, Agriculture
Tags: Letters, Video, Apples, Gardens

Posts for Spring 2013
Spring 2013

Letters, photographs, and vignettes from WSU alumni, plus a video on coping with pet loss and selections from the Twitter feed.

Categories: WSU history, Alumni
Tags: Basketball, Video, Letters

Posts for Winter 2012
Winter 2012

Alumni send in letters about William Julius Wilson, study in Morocco, and correction about butterflies.

Categories: Cultural studies, Geography
Tags: Buildings, Letters, Correction

Letters in the Winter 2011 issue
Winter 2011
Which way was that again? Your article “When wildfire comes to town” locates the Dishman Hills west of Spokane. The Dishman Hills actually are located near the west city limits of the City of Spokane Valley and are southeast of the ...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters, Cougar logo

Letters in the Fall 2011 issue
Fall 2011
Moral capitalI, too, enjoyed Jennifer Sherman’s interesting and authoritative piece on Golden Valley in the spring edition. I winced a bit, however, at the “in large part due to the 1992 spotted owl ruling” but, because her story se...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters in the Spring 2011 issue
Spring 2011
Civility Professor Cornell Clayton’s article in the winter issue, “Understanding the Civility Crisis” is thought-provoking. However, he betrays the liberal bias common to the majority of today’s college...
Categories: Washington State Magazine, Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters for Winter 2010
Winter 2010
Walla Walla SweetsI really enjoyed your article on Walla Walla Sweet Onions in the Fall 2010 Washington State Magazine. It brought back a lot of memories of working at the Walla Walla Produce Company, a wholesale fruit and produce company that my...
Categories: Alumni, Food
Tags: Letters, Onions, Cougar Smokies sausage

Letters for Summer 2010
Summer 2010
North CascadesLoved the article in Washington State this issue, on Cascade Pass archaeology, with Bob Mierendorf. The big mystery at the end, comparing the photos from 1910 and today and showing MORE trees NOW than back then, implying that noth...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters for Spring 2010
Spring 2010
Track to the futureWhat a joy to hear about the possible return of the Palouse Goose! (Winter 09/10) I have many great memories of traveling between Spokane and Pullman in the early 60’s on the single-car “train” that carried us to and fr...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters, Afghanistan, Trains

Letters in the Winter 2009 issue
Winter 2009
We want our print editionI doubt that I pull up the Summer 2010 version of Washington State Magazine, though I may. I generally read the magazine over lunch, when I'm taking a break from a day in front of the computer — I don't ...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters in the Fall 2009 issue
Fall 2009
Living largeI very much enjoyed the article “Living Large” in your Summer 2009 edition. I am always impressed by the dedication of the large animal veterinarians. My hope is that WSU continues to turn out excellent large animal vets and continues...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters in the Summer 2009 issue
Summer 2009
Celebrated lentils We at the Pullman Chamber of Commerce were so delighted to see your article in the most recent issue, titled “Local, Delicious, Neglected,” about our lovable legume: the lentil. We sincerely agree that lentils are local an...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters in the Spring 2009 issue
Spring 2009
A time machine My hat is off to your staff for what should be an award-winning issue. It was like a time machine for me. I spent many hours in the Conner Museum as an undergrad, marveling at the enormous moose and large black wolf. My high school fr...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters for Winter 2008
Winter 2008
Coming homeI am one of the lucky. After years of looking out onto a sea of suburban rooftops, my husband and I have been gifted the opportunity of returning to Cougar Country with our three boys and now watch nature at work as the seasons change t...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Letters

Letters - Summer 2008
Summer 2008
The lonely flowerYour most interesting article about "The Orphan Flower" intrigued me. What a lovely and unique flower and leaf. Thank you for sharing its appearance with us.I may say also, that having discovered Washington State Magazine in my ...
Categories: Archaeology, Botany
Tags: Letters