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The Things We Do for Our Dogs—and what they do for us
Summer 2011

In 1974 between 15 and 18 million dogs and cats were killed in animal control centers. To address what he perceived as “wide-spread irresponsible animal ownership,” Leo Bustad ’49 DVM created the People-Pet Partnership and promoted research into the human-animal bond. Although it is impossible to assess the total impact of his work, the number of animals killed today is down to four million. And the pet-people bond manifests itself in ways beyond his comprehension.

Categories: Veterinary medicine, Alumni
Tags: Dogs, Pets, Animal-human interaction, Animal behavior

Grover Krantz (1931-2002) and Clyde
Winter 2009
“I’ve been a teacher all my life, and I think I might as well be a teacher after I’m dead,” Grover Krantz told the Smithsonian’s anthropology collections manager David Hunt as they negotiated Krantz’s proposed donation of his skeleton...
Categories: Anthropology, WSU faculty
Tags: Taxidermy, Forensic anthropology, Dogs

Puppy mills closed for good
Fall 2009
Last January investigators in Mount Vernon raided one of the largest puppy mill operations in state history. They found close to 400 animals. Many of the dogs were sick, in filthy cages, and had insufficient food and water. Days later a similar r...
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Puppy mills, Animal rescue, Dogs

Donors bring hope—and wags
Summer 2008
Jacob the Greyhound, a five-year-old dog belonging to a Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital surgeon, is a regular blood donor at WSU. Because of his size, he's able to provide 450 milliliters, or about two cups, of blood for the ...
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Dogs, Animal health

Of dogs, drugs, and medical decisions
Fall 2006
When it comes to drugs, not all dogs are created equal.
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Dogs, Animal health

What's killing Lassie?
Spring 2002
For years, veterinarians and dog owners have known that some collies can die when given Ivermectin, a drug commonly used against parasites in animals and humans. But no one knew why.That is until Katrina Mealey, a researcher in the Washington Stat...
Categories: Veterinary medicine
Tags: Animal health, Collies, Dogs