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The time in between
Summer 2014

Prolific essayist Michel de Montaigne was introduced to England by translator John Florio, a journey of readers and literature traced by WSU English professor Will Hamlin.

Categories: English, History
Tags: Montaigne, England

Age of Identity
Summer 2008
Debbie Lee journeyed across an ocean and traveled back two centuries to find some of history's most infamous imposters. She came home with a new understanding of culture and identity.
Categories: History, Literature
Tags: England, Identity

When trash reveals history
Winter 2006
From October 2005 through March 2006, I worked with ephemera in one of the great libraries of the world, the Bodleian at the University of Oxford. A cheeky person might say that "ephemera" is just a fancy term for trash. However, given the passage...
Categories: History, Library and museum studies
Tags: Ephemera, England, Chapbooks