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Gentle commerce
Spring 2015

From humankind's long history of violence, two chapters under the scrutiny of WSU researchers could point the way to a more peaceful world.

Categories: Anthropology, Social sciences
Tags: Southwest United States, Violence, Commerce, Coffee

Constant Coffee
Fall 2013

If there’s a liquid for which Olympia is more known than rain, it’s coffee. Larry Challain '73 and his coffee roasting company Batdorf & Bronson has been a constant presence in the city since the 1980s.

Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Coffee, Olympia

Indaba Coffee
Spring 2012
Spokane’s Indaba Coffee is not your typical café. With a Zulu name that loosely means a gathering of tribal leaders to discuss important matters, the spot just north of the Spokane River is a re...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Coffee, Restaurants, Spokane, Social justice

Jason Ambrose '99 - Counting beans in Costa Rica
Spring 2009
Jason Ambrose learned to drink coffee as a college freshman. “Then it was more about function than flavor,” he admits. These days, Ambrose starts his morning with a French press. He heats milk for his son Jackson, who is not yet two, and water ...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Coffee

Cutting out the middle, building income
Winter 2004
Craig Meredith wants to help Ethiopian coffee farmers become competitive in a world market. He's using his knowledge as an agricultural engineering to assist growers in Yirgacheffe in Southern Ethiopia's Rift Valley,  where some 445,000 farme...
Categories: Business, Alumni
Tags: Coffee, Ethiopia, Money