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Real investments return real experience
Spring 2011
Stock symbols and percentages march across a long ticker screen, but it’s not a Wall Street brokerage firm. It’s the fourth floor of Todd Hall at WSU, and the eyes monitoring the stock market belong to undergraduates managing the
Tags: Investments, Finance, Stock market

Gary Brinson ’68—Investing in the world
Spring 2011
As businesses became more international and markets around the world grew increasingly interconnected over the last three decades, a forward-thinking investor could succeed with a global portfolio. Gary Brinson was one of the earliest of those ...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Regents' Distinguished Alumnus Award, Investments, Finance

Same dance, different tune
Winter 2002
Buy low, sell high. Investors understand this basic goal of investing. This idea appeals to the intellectual side of our brain. However, it is the emotional, not the intellectual, side of our brain that usually motivates action. That is why advert...
Categories: Business
Tags: Investments, Money

The other side of the coin
Spring 2002
Making financial decisions is difficult to begin with—even more so when we let our emotions get in the way.“Greed is good,” says Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street.Although I would not go quite that far, greed is a natural human ...
Categories: Business
Tags: Money, Investments