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Mapmaker Mystery
Winter 2014

A hunt for the author of a hand-drawn map leads to an exploration of the history of geology at WSU.

Categories: WSU history, Earth sciences
Tags: Maps, Geology

A True Story Fraught With Peril
Spring 2014

Buried in hundreds of layers of rock are tales of fire, brimstone, destruction, and fragility.

Categories: Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Basalt, Rocks, Volcanoes

Orrin Pilkey ’57—A climate change provocateur
Spring 2012
In August 1969, Hurricane Camille slammed into Mississippi with winds of nearly 200 miles an hour. The storm blew many things far and wide, including the career track of coastal geologist Orrin Pilkey ’57. Up to that point, Pilkey had...
Categories: Earth sciences, Alumni
Tags: Climate change, Geology, Ocean, Beach

A Fine Thin Skin—wind, water, volcanoes, and ice
Fall 2011
Different as they seem, the soils of Eastern and Western Washington have one thing in common. They come—either by water, wind, or ice—generally from elsewhere. And what takes eons to form can be covered over or erode away in a geologic heartbeat.
Categories: Agriculture, Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Soil, Agronomy

Safer skies
Fall 2009
When Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcano rumbled to life this past spring, images of the plume of ash rising from it probably revived terrifying memories among 240 people who survived its last eruption in 1989. They’d been passengers on KLM flight ...
Categories: Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Volcanoes

Gateway to Rodinia
Winter 2008
A cantaloupe-sized chunk of granite from the other side of the world has revealed that nearly a billion years ago, the Palouse was "ground zero" when a supercontinent called Rodinia broke up. "This was the edge of the continent," says Washington ...
Categories: Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Rodinia, Supercontinents

An Exquisite Scar
Fall 2004
The beauty of the channeled scablands comes from unimaginable catastrophe.
Categories: Geography, Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Palouse, Channeled Scablands