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A True Story Fraught With Peril
Spring 2014

Buried in hundreds of layers of rock are tales of fire, brimstone, destruction, and fragility.

Categories: Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Basalt, Rocks, Volcanoes

A New Land
Winter 2010
John Bishop was late getting to Mount St. Helens.He was only 16 years old when it blew in 1980, and it would be another decade before he began crawling around the mountain as part of his doctoral studies.“I was worried I missed all the action...
Categories: Environmental studies, Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Mount St. Helens, Volcanoes

Safer skies
Fall 2009
When Alaska’s Mount Redoubt volcano rumbled to life this past spring, images of the plume of ash rising from it probably revived terrifying memories among 240 people who survived its last eruption in 1989. They’d been passengers on KLM flight ...
Categories: Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Volcanoes

Mount St. Helens: The perfect laboratory
Spring 2004
It is impossible to accept the immensity of Mount St. Helens and the effect of its catastrophic 1980 eruption unless you are able to stand beneath the enormous crater on the pumice plain and listen to John Bishop talk about lupines.
Categories: Environmental studies, Biological sciences
Tags: Mount St. Helens, Volcanoes