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Bringing up babies
Spring 2015

Writer and editor Tracy Cutchlow '97 leveraged her personal and professional experience to help new parents with raising children.

Categories: Psychology
Tags: Brain, Babies, Child development

State of Wonder
Summer 2014

A childhood spent in Washington has never been better. Our abundant natural resources, our trove of teachers and volunteers, and our commitment to child development make this a great state to grow up in.

Categories: Washington state history, Education
Tags: Outdoors, Child development, Children

Lessons from the Forest—The anthropology of childhood
Spring 2012

Anthropologist Barry Hewlett has spent the last 40 years gleaning lessons from the Aka, a people who personify hundreds of thousands of years of human history.

Categories: Anthropology
Tags: Child development, Africa, Aka, Children, Parenting

Digital Daddies
Spring 2006
Aaron Johnson and Cliff Knopik, the odd couple of young parenthood, sit together in Johnson's Puyallup dining room while his newborn daughter, Brooklyn, sleeps in a bedroom nearby. His wife, Heather, makes dinner in their small apartment kitchen.A...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: WSU parents, Child development, Broadcasting

No Blank Slates
Spring 2005

A WSU researcher uncovers the ways parents can help babies develop emotionally.

Categories: Psychology
Tags: Child development, Human behavior