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Track to the future
Winter 2009
It was only a few decades ago that Northern Pacific Railroad ran daily trains from Spokane through Pullman and down to Lewiston. And train cars loaded with students and steamer trunks came over the Cascades delivering their lively loads to packed ...
Categories: Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
Tags: Trains, Railroad, Transportation, Palouse

Hotel at the Top
Spring 2009
Pioneer James “Cashup” Davis dreamed big. At a time when most Washington settlers were carving farms out of the Palouse, he was so awed with the panoramic views of the Palouse from Steptoe Butte, he decided to build a hotel at the top. Davis’s...
Categories: Washington state history, History
Tags: Palouse, Hotels

The worm turns: A Palouse native is found
Summer 2006
A Palouse native, not seen in nearly two decades and feared extinct, has been rediscovered. While digging soil samples at the Washington State University botany department's Smoot Hill preserve, University of Idaho graduate student Yaniria Sanchez...
Categories: Entomology, Biological sciences
Tags: Palouse

Magpie Forest: Protecting a piece of the past
Winter 2005
Magpie Forest is like something out of the Wizard of Oz, a strange green land in the middle of a field.Nestled in a 33-acre parcel of wheat north of Pullman, the 14-acre tract is a remnant of the original Palouse prairie. Last spring, Washington S...
Categories: Environmental studies, Forestry
Tags: Wildlife, Trees, Palouse

Plants of the Wild
Winter 2004

Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Gardening, Palouse

An Exquisite Scar
Fall 2004
The beauty of the channeled scablands comes from unimaginable catastrophe.
Categories: Geography, Earth sciences
Tags: Geology, Palouse, Channeled Scablands

Field-burning study proves inconclusive
Fall 2004
The study found no significant health effect from field burning--nor did it explain why.
Categories: Agriculture, Health sciences
Tags: Palouse, Smoke

Full Circle
Summer 2004
Steve Jones and Tim Murray want to make the immense area of eastern Washington, or at least a good chunk of it, less prone to blow, less often bare, even more unchanging. The way they'll do this is to convince a plant that is content to die after it sets seed in late summer that it actually wants to live.
Categories: Agriculture
Tags: Wheat, Palouse, Genetics

Gardening on the Palouse
Summer 2004
The area known to practically every Washingtonian as "the Palouse" is one of six large grassland communities in North America. The Palouse stretches from just south of Spokane to the Snake River valley, near Moscow and Pullman. Today, it is a fert...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Horticulture, Palouse, Gardening

Thriving in Rural America: Ochs uses computer technology to stay on family farm
Summer 2003
Wanted: Person with a bachelor's degree in fine arts to help design and create software programs; location: Dusty, Washington, population 10.These are just the kind of person whom Jon Ochs, president, CEO, and founder of Eureka Software, Inc., may...
Categories: Business, Computer sciences
Tags: Software, Palouse