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Summer 2012
—Pronunciation: \ kī–ō’–tē, chiefly Western kī’–ōt \After years away, I met you again on the tongue of an old friend from home. Kī’–ōt.Trotting through sagebrush. Wild by any name. I’d moved to a green isle city that pron...
Categories: Alumni, Poetry
Tags: Hanford, Eastern Washington, Identity

A sense of who we are
Summer 2008
Although I think freely of Washington as home, 
I must confess to a technicality. I actually live in Idaho, on a farm we moved onto the same year I started working at Washington State University, 19 years ago. When I drive to work by the various ...
Categories: WSU history
Tags: Identity

Age of Identity
Summer 2008
Debbie Lee journeyed across an ocean and traveled back two centuries to find some of history's most infamous imposters. She came home with a new understanding of culture and identity.
Categories: History, Literature
Tags: England, Identity