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Diving deep in a unique tropical paradise
Winter 2014

WSU marine biology doctoral student Cori Kane studies rare endemic fish in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Marine biology, Fish, Hawaii

Managing Nemo
Summer 2012

While collectors are hunting for tropical fish along the reefs of West Hawaii, marine scientist Brian Tissot is looking for ways to protect and replenish the colorful populations. We dive into his story, and the waters of Hawaii, as he checks in on the aquarium fishery.

Categories: Public affairs, Biological sciences
Tags: Fish, Aquariums, Hawaii, Marine biology

What a dive
Summer 2008
The Washington State University biologist, who retired in 2001 after decades of studying marine worms, was shorebound when the stubby little submarine called Alvin first carried humans to the bottom of the sea. Schroeder remembers the excitement ...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Marine biology

Hot stuff: Deep ocean fauna
Winter 2006
When it comes to tolerating extreme environments, deep-sea vent worms are hard to beat.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Marine biology, Aquatic animals, Ocean