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Water to the Promised Land
Fall 2013

As an aquifer declines, Columbia Basin farmers look to water promised them 80 years ago.

Categories: Agriculture, History
Tags: Water, Columbia Basin Project, Irrigation, Odessa aquifer

What lies beneath - Pullman and its water
Fall 2008
Financial hardship, fires, and spring floods: In 1890 the community of Pullman was in desperate need of some good news. A hungry blaze had leveled the city's newly rebuilt commercial district only three years after it first burned to the ground i...
Categories: WSU history, Earth sciences
Tags: Artesian wells, Water

Eating well to save the Sound
Summer 2006
The Puget Sound region's 3.8 million population is expected to increase to 5.2 million within the next 15 years. If Puget Sound is to survive that growth, we must change our lives. That, and eat more shellfish.
Categories: Biological sciences, Earth sciences, Food, Health sciences
Tags: Animal behavior, Food, Oysters, Water

Where Water Meets Desert
Spring 2005
Among locals, you occasionally hear the word "wasteland" used to describe sagebrush-studded lands that biologists prefer to call native shrub steppe. It's impossible to take such a harsh view when Robert Kent is your guide to the Columbia Basin Wildlife Areas.
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Water, Columbia Basin, Wildlife

Those wasted five gallons
Spring 2005
As Americans, we freely water large, green lawns and take showers daily, using on average 100 gallons of water a day. We pay a fraction of a cent per gallon for water out of the tap, while a gallon of gasoline costs $2. Yet life cannot exist witho...
Categories: Alumni
Tags: Natural Resources, Water

Finally, the failure of the Teton Dam is explained
Fall 2004

It took nearly 30 years--but now we know why.

Categories: Natural sciences, Engineering
Tags: Soil, Water, Civil engineering

Lonely, Beautiful, and Threatened—Willapa Bay
Spring 2004
Willapa Bay is the largest estuary between San Francisco and Puget Sound. It boasts one of the least-spoiled environments and the healthiest salmon runs south of Canada. It produces one in every four oysters farmed in the United States and is a favorite stop for tens of thousands of migratory birds. And it's in trouble.
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Oysters, Water, Birds

Extreme Diversity—in Soap Lake
Spring 2004
Soap Lake is surrounded by dark shores, sheer rock walls, a primeval landscape. Its waters have long been thought by some to cure certain maladies. It is also home to strange, hardy organisms that live nowhere else.
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Water, Chemical engineering, Microbes

Bridges, docks, and dams
Spring 2004
Some of General Construction's best work is under waterRon Morford was only 19 when he built his first house. A quarter century later, he's still in construction-only on a much larger scale. The president and district manager of General Constructio...
Categories: Engineering, Alumni
Tags: Water, Civil engineering, Construction

Summer busy time for Canadian canoe and kayak executive
Fall 2003
Surrounded as she is by an inventory of 600 canoes and kayaks, one would think Pamela Robertson spends her summers on the water near her Waverley, Nova Scotia home.She'd love to. But as vice president of Old Creel Canoe & Kayak Inc., she's too...
Categories: Alumni, Business
Tags: Water

Emerald winters, brown summers
Summer 2003
How dry it is! Understanding the summer climate west of the Cascades baffles lots of residents. The "emerald green" attitude extends to believing that summer months wrap themselves in rain and mist just as winter does. However, our "modified Medit...
Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Seattle, Gardening, Water