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The Community of the Oyster
Winter 2013

Keith Cox documented the oyster community of Willapa Bay in film, culminating in a showing at Raymond Theater that brought together generations of oystermen. 

Categories: Agriculture, Visual arts
Tags: Documentary, Oysters

Reconsidering the oyster
Fall 2008
FOR AN OYSTER LOVER, speeding down the Willapa River in an open boat toward Willapa Bay and its oyster beds must be like approaching the Celestial City. Even if it is cold for May, and gray, and spitting rain, everyone in the boat is smiling beat...
Categories: Food
Tags: Oysters

Eating well to save the Sound
Summer 2006
The Puget Sound region's 3.8 million population is expected to increase to 5.2 million within the next 15 years. If Puget Sound is to survive that growth, we must change our lives. That, and eat more shellfish.
Categories: Biological sciences, Earth sciences, Food, Health sciences
Tags: Animal behavior, Food, Oysters, Water

Lonely, Beautiful, and Threatened—Willapa Bay
Spring 2004
Willapa Bay is the largest estuary between San Francisco and Puget Sound. It boasts one of the least-spoiled environments and the healthiest salmon runs south of Canada. It produces one in every four oysters farmed in the United States and is a favorite stop for tens of thousands of migratory birds. And it's in trouble.
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Oysters, Water, Birds