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Closing minds: How layoffs can be bad for business
Spring 2008
One of the best ways to kill a worker’s creativity is to tell him his job is on the line. Tahira Probst, an associate professor of psychology at Washington State University Vancouver, has explored that notion through a combination of laboratory...
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No longer a pipe dream
Winter 2004
Dave Van Curen graduated from Kelso High School and followed his father to Longview Fibre Co. in 1965."In Kelso, during that time, everybody's father worked in a mill," says Van Curen, who spent most of his years at the paper plant as a pipe fitte...
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Is the sky still blue in Emerald City?
Spring 2003
Now that the economy has stalled, are the Seattle unemployed here to stay, or are they packing the U-Haul?When I moved to Washington's west side, I pursued a different career and landscape. When I was laid off last year, I decided to stay...
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Finding what's right for you
Spring 2002
OK, so you're looking for work, and you're getting good, bad, and ugly job offers. How do you determine which one to choose?It's no secret. The economy is drooping like a vase-full of two-week-old flowers. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Th...
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