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Seeing red (and far-red)
Fall 2008
Ask crop scientist Michael Neff about plant growth, and he won't talk about rainfall or fertilizer. He'll talk about what the plants see."What I've been interested in forever is how plants use light as a source of information," says Neff. "Plants ...
Categories: Biological sciences, Agriculture
Tags: Plant behavior, Infrared

Clarence A. (Bud) Ryan: A scientist who catalyzed excellence
Spring 2008
Clarence A. (Bud) Ryan, one of WSU’s preeminent scientists, died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in October. Ryan pioneered the study of the innate immune response of plants. Prior to his work, plants were assumed to contain protease inhibitors al...
Categories: Alumni, Botany, Biological sciences
Tags: Plant behavior

No shrinking violet
Summer 2006
Researchers at WSU are finding that plants are surprisingly assertive. Based on their findings, a case could be made that the average potted plant is at least as active as the average human couch potato—and a lot smarter about what it consumes
Categories: Agriculture, Biological sciences, Botany, Alumni
Tags: Photosynthesis, Plant behavior, Pest management

Uncommon access: Gaylord Mink shifts his focus from viruses to wild horses
Summer 2006
Gaylord Mink, hunched over and quiet as a mule deer, picks his way through rugged rangeland near the center of the Yakama Indian Reservation.Mink stops, straightens, and scans toward Dry Creek Elbow in the distance. Much closer, five wild horses l...
Categories: Biological sciences, Environmental studies, Agriculture
Tags: Animal health, Animal behavior, Horses, Plant behavior