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Powerful solutions from young minds
Fall 2008
At Washington State University's inaugural high school energy competition on May 10, Bohler Gymnasium on the Pullman campus buzzed with the ideas and enthusiasm of more than 350 high school...
Categories: Engineering, Education
Tags: Energy, Competition, High school students

A Building Full of Answers
Summer 2005
Maybe it's their nondescript building, one of a row of identical structures just off of Plum Street on the way into Olympia. Or maybe it's their curious history, once a government entity, then oddly tossed to the budget dogs by an otherwise enviro...
Categories: Engineering, Architecture and design
Tags: Energy

Students to build a complete solar home
Summer 2004
A group of students from the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University will compete in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon. Over the next two years, the students will design and construct a small...
Categories: Architecture and design
Tags: Energy, Solar power, Construction

Tiny Motors
Summer 2003
The Palouse Piezoelectric Power (P3) engine is three millimeters wide, three millimeters long, and 100 microns thick, making it the world's smallest engine. Just over 6,447 engines placed side by side would cover a page of this magazine, and each ...
Categories: Engineering
Tags: Energy, Mechanical engineering