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Current events—engineering power in the Pacific Northwest
Summer 2011
When electricity first came to Washington in September of 1885, just a few electric lights illuminated downtown Spokane. By the following March, Seattle had them, too. From those early days, Washington State College had a role in helpin...
Categories: WSU history, Engineering
Tags: Electricity, Electrical engineering, Dams, Power transmission

Electricity from a beet
Fall 2008
Chemists around the world are looking to the plant kingdom for ideas about harvesting the energy of sunlight. Plants, after all, have been making a living exploiting sunbeams for almost four billion years. And part of what plants accomplish each d...
Categories: Chemistry
Tags: Solar power, Electricity

Rewriting the Book on Photosynthesis
Winter 2005
Thanks to David Kramer and his research group, plant physiologists can now explore what really goes on inside living leaves.
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Electricity, Photosynthesis

Bose and Asay are named to National Academy of Engineering
Summer 2003
Anjan Bose and James R. Asay have been named members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the most prestigious honor in the engineering field. Bose is dean of the College of Engineering and Architecture at Washington State University and ...
Categories: Engineering, Awards and honors
Tags: Electricity, Shock physics