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A show with Heart
Winter 2012

In 1976, an emerging young band called Heart played on WSU's television station's "Second Ending" show. The students and staff still remember that concert.

Categories: Communication, Music
Tags: Broadcasting, Rock music, KWSU, Concerts

That voice
Winter 2012

Bob Robertson has been the voice that fans of WSU Cougar football have connected with for over 510 games.

Categories: Communication, Athletics
Tags: Broadcasting, Football, Sports broadcasters

Revolutions are televised by Arab journalists
Summer 2011
The world watched people rise up this year against dictators and authoritarian regimes across the Middle East and northern Africa, their protests aired by satellite television and the Internet. In Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and oth...
Categories: Journalism, Communication
Tags: Revolutions, Television broadcasting, Broadcasting, Arab world

Cougs behind the camera
Summer 2010
Alan Baker was looking for a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pullman.Of course Baker (’94 PhD) knew there were no actual Wright-designed houses in the town, but he needed to find a Modernist, spacious home overlooking the Palouse for an ideal movi...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: Broadcasting, Movies, Film

Digital Daddies
Spring 2006
Aaron Johnson and Cliff Knopik, the odd couple of young parenthood, sit together in Johnson's Puyallup dining room while his newborn daughter, Brooklyn, sleeps in a bedroom nearby. His wife, Heather, makes dinner in their small apartment kitchen.A...
Categories: Communication, Alumni
Tags: WSU parents, Child development, Broadcasting

Where Have You Gone, Edward R. Murrow?
Fall 2005
Edward R. Murrow '30 broadcasted reports from a London rooftop during the Blitz. He confronted Joseph McCarthy on national television. And he admitted "an abiding fear regarding what . . .[radio and TV] are doing to our society, and our heritage."
Categories: WSU history, Media, Communication
Tags: Edward R. Murrow, Journalism, Radio, Broadcasting

Broadcasting as public service: Peter Jennings refreshes the Murrow vision
Fall 2004
What would veteran newsman Peter Jennings tell students seeking a career in broadcasting today?His wife posed the question to him when they were in Pullman for Washington State University's 30th Edward R. Murrow Symposium April 14. The answer came...
Categories: Media, Communication
Tags: Public service, Edward R. Murrow, Broadcasting

Winter was Hard: Music in response to tragedy
Summer 2004

Categories: Alumni, Music
Tags: Broadcasting