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Ask Mr. Christmas Tree
Winter 2013

Gary Chastagner, a plant pathologist with the WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center, is better known as “Mr. Christmas Tree.” He studies tree diseases, varieties, and the best Christmas tree stands.

Categories: Forestry
Tags: Christmas trees, Trees

A blighted Northwest icon
Spring 2012
Last March, Gary Chastagner was driving around southwest Oregon scouting test plots for a study of madrone, the gnarly, reddish-brown tree found up and down the West Coast. A variety of diseases had been hitting the trees in recent year...
Categories: Agriculture, Botany
Tags: Madrone, Trees, Diseases

The Lowell Elm
Spring 2012
Harriet Bryan, wife of Washington Agricultural College president Enoch Bryan, planted the Lowell Elm in 1893. She had brought the seedling to her new home from Elmwood, the estate of James Russell Lowell, near Harvard University, where he...
Categories: WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Trees, Lowell Elm

Trees return to Ireland
Fall 2007
Once upon a time, Ireland was mostly forest. In prehistoric and early historic times, trees covered an estimated 90-95 percent of the landscape. But English invasions, rebellions, and industrial demands moved the landscape toward its modern auster...
Categories: Forestry
Tags: Trees, Ireland

Magpie Forest: Protecting a piece of the past
Winter 2005
Magpie Forest is like something out of the Wizard of Oz, a strange green land in the middle of a field.Nestled in a 33-acre parcel of wheat north of Pullman, the 14-acre tract is a remnant of the original Palouse prairie. Last spring, Washington S...
Categories: Environmental studies, Forestry
Tags: Wildlife, Trees, Palouse