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New threats, new science
Spring 2011
Sure, Darwin had to battle seasickness aboard the HMS Beagle, and he spent nearly five years getting to and from the Galapagos Islands, and it took another 23 years to incorporate his findings into his seminal work on evolutionary biology.But at ...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Animal diseases, Birds, Evolution

Darwin was just the beginning: A sampler of evolutionary biology at WSU
Spring 2007

All of modern biology and medicine is based on the theory of evolution, and every life scientist arguably is an evolutionary biologist. So where to start in exploring evolutionary biology at WSU? How about with dung beetles, African violets, and promiscuous wrens?

Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Education, Birds, Evolution

Rare bird
Fall 2006
Audubon himself would have trouble keeping up with this dynamo. Artist, author, and photographer Paul Johnsgard '55 gives us a glimpse into his lifelong obsession with birds.
Categories: Alumni, Biological sciences
Tags: Birds, Cranes, Photographers

Lonely, Beautiful, and Threatened—Willapa Bay
Spring 2004
Willapa Bay is the largest estuary between San Francisco and Puget Sound. It boasts one of the least-spoiled environments and the healthiest salmon runs south of Canada. It produces one in every four oysters farmed in the United States and is a favorite stop for tens of thousands of migratory birds. And it's in trouble.
Categories: Environmental studies
Tags: Oysters, Water, Birds