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Some of the most important things your science teacher taught you are wrong
Fall 2011
There’s the science most of us learned as kids. Then there’s the science that scientists actually do.The K-12 variety is more like a cooking class, but with chemicals, goggles, an occasional Erlenmeyer flask, the unforgettable smell of fo...
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Rhonda Kromm ’86, ’05
Fall 2011
Rhonda Kromm wouldn’t let car problems keep her from going to college. Since her old vehicle wouldn’t make the drive from Moses Lake, she hitchhiked to Spokane and hiked up the hill to Spokane Community College to enroll. Then she hik...
Categories: Alumni, Education
Tags: Alumni Association, Teaching

Joey Nelson - What he saw
Winter 2008
In the rough-hewn world at Columbia Vista Corp.'s lumber mill near Vancouver, the sight of Joseph "Joey" Nelson '00 pushing spectacles into place might invoke visions of Clark Kent there among the conveyor belts and screeching saws. But if the wo...
Categories: Alumni, Business
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Cell phones help students and parents stay close—Sometimes too close
Spring 2006
Michael Johnston ('08 Bus. Admin.) switched his cell-phone plan in October. And the incentive wasn't just the free, high-tech phone or the low text-messaging fees. "I can get those mobile-to-mobile minutes with my family now," says Johnston. "Now...
Categories: Campus life, Communication
Tags: Teaching, WSU parents

Ideas, Buildings, and Mirrors
Winter 2004
Torn between respect for its natural surroundings and a desire for cosmopolitan sophistication, Spokane lends a unique perspective to the notion that works of architecture reflect what a community thinks of itself.
Categories: Architecture and design, WSU Spokane
Tags: Education, Teaching

Opening minds, setting lives on course
Winter 2004
Some believe that the ability to teach and inspire is simply a gift that you either have or don't have. But WSU isn't just leaving it to chance.
Categories: WSU faculty, Education
Tags: Research, Teaching

No Hollow Promise
Fall 2004
Half of all new public-school teachers quit within five years, and the best and brightest are often the first to go. Worse, the attrition rate at high-needs schools is even greater. The CO-TEACH program at WSU decised to change this situation.
Categories: Education
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