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Posts for Summer 2015
Summer 2015

Alumni write in letters remembering the post-World War II era of WSU and praising basketball Coach Ernie Kent.

Categories: Alumni, WSU history
Tags: Letters, World War II, Veterans

After the War: Mud, Floods, and Modernization
Spring 2015

Thousands of GIs poured into Pullman after World War II. That student boom catalyzed our change from state college to major research university.

Categories: Campus life, WSU history
Tags: GI Bill, Veterans, World War II

A Nagasaki letter
Spring 2015

WSU manuscript librarian Cheryl Gunselman tracked down a WWII-era letter for archivists at Los Alamo. The letter withstood the second and, to date, last nuclear attack in war.

Categories: Library and museum studies, History
Tags: World War II, Atomic bomb, Nagasaki

Terry Ishihara ’49—“You can’t be happy and bitter”
Spring 2015

Terry Ishihara went from a teen in a WWII internment camp to a mechanical engineering degree at Washington State College and a successful career.

Categories: Alumni, Engineering
Tags: Japanese-Americans, Internment camps, World War II, Mechanical engineering

Helen Szablya ’76—Living in interesting times
Winter 2013

Helen Szablya remembers the bombs in Budapest in World War II, and her escape from Hungary after the Communist takeover. She became an advocate for the country when she came to the United States.

Categories: Alumni, History
Tags: Hungary, World War II

The Atomic Landscape
Summer 2012

Seven decades after the first nuclear production facilities were sited at Hanford, we discover the cultural legacy. We sample from poetry, history, and art, as well as a WSU student’s master’s thesis.

Categories: Washington state history, History, Poetry
Tags: Hanford, Manhattan Project, Nuclear reactors, World War II, Atomic bomb

A Hidden History
Spring 2012
In 1992, Frank Hirahara ’48 sent his daughter Patti to Yakima to help his elderly parents pack up their home for their move to Southern California.What had at first seemed a chore turned into a treasure hunt as Patti unearthed letters, ...
Categories: Library and museum studies, History
Tags: Photography, World War II, Internment camps, Japanese-Americans

Nicole Braux Taflinger ’66, ’68—Season of Suffering
Spring 2011
Nicole Braux (now Taflinger) was 13 years old when Germany invaded France in 1940. Years later, having survived the occupation with her mother, married an American airman, and moved to Pullman, she has written a lovely and moving memoir.First w...
Categories: Memoirs, Alumni
Tags: World War II, France

Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck ’33—Recognition at last
Fall 2010
In March of this year, a special Congressional action signed by President Obama awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to the Women Airforce Service Pilots, the “WASPS” ...
Categories: Military sciences, History, Alumni
Tags: Pilots, World War II, Women's Airforce Service Pilots

Carol Edgemon Hipperson - Writing History
Winter 2008
When Carol Edgemon Hipperson was growing up in Coulee City, the eastern Washington community was too small for a library. However, every other Thursday during the summer, the Bookmobile from the North Central Regional Library pulled into town. "I ...
Categories: Alumni, History
Tags: Writers, World War II

Secrets & Spies
Winter 2007

The Office of Strategic Services, our country's first centralized intelligence agency, was formed during the Second World War to train men and women in the arts of sabotage and espionage and then to send them around the world to protect our nation's interests. Among the many Washington State College students and alumni who served in that conflict, five friends and classmates trained together in the OSS, then went to North Africa, Italy, England, and China to help win the war.

Categories: Alumni, Military sciences
Tags: World War II, OSS, Spies, Espionage