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First Words
Spring 2015

Washington Irving, Frances Fuller Victor, and other east coast writers described the American West and created a mythology that did not reflect reality or fact.

Categories: History
Tags: American West, Washington Irving

A Re-dress of the West
Spring 2015

Stripping away the mythology of the American West exposes a more diverse, more interesting history.

Categories: Architecture and design, History, Cultural studies
Tags: Chinatown, Photographers, American West, Gender

The West in the words of Washington Irving
Spring 2015

Washington Irving describes the West in his book Astoria.

Categories: Literature
Tags: American West, Washington Irving, Astoria

Lost Highway
Summer 2014

More than 150 years ago, road builders and a military escort set out on a rugged pilgrimage to build a wagon highway across the Rocky Mountains. Historian Keith Petersen ’73 has traced the tumultuous life of the lead engineer John Mullan.

Categories: History
Tags: American West, John Mullan, Roads

Gun Show Nation—a conversation with Joan Burbick
Summer 2013

Guns and gun shows are a part of American culture, and Joan Burbick, WSU emeritus English professor and author of Gun Show Nation, talks about the place of guns in the life of the United States.

Categories: History, Public affairs
Tags: Guns, American West

S.R. Martin Jr.—A life in the West
Fall 2009
“Rudy” Martin started out with a plan to collect the history of his family from its Texas roots to his home in Washington. It was at first a project for himself and his children. But the American studies scholar yearned for context, color, and...
Categories: History, Alumni
Tags: African Americans, American West

Resilient Cultures—A new understanding of the New World
Spring 2003
The history of European and Indian interactions is being dramatically rewritten. In a new book, a WSU historian produces an update.
Categories: History, Cultural studies
Tags: Native Americans, American West