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More energy (and other stuff) from wood
Winter 2012

WSU researchers are trying to wring a whole new suite of uses from wood, including jet fuel and other alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Categories: Materials engineering
Tags: Wood, Renewable, Biomass, Biofuels

Cultivating new energy
Fall 2010
With just a whiff of irony, let’s sing a song of praise for gasoline.A single gallon contains more than 30,000 calories. You wouldn’t want to drink it, but in straight-up energy terms, that’s enough to power a human for about two weeks.Gaso...
Categories: Chemistry, Engineering, Agriculture
Tags: Sustainability, Algae, Methane, Fuels, Biofuels

A gift toward fuel research
Spring 2009
Oil industry executive Gene Voiland ‘69 and his wife Linda have promised $17.5 million to Washington State University’s School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, contributing to the school’s focus on energy research. An immediate $2....
Categories: Alumni, Engineering
Tags: Gifts, Biofuels

A long-term biofuels strategy for Washington
Spring 2009
In 2007, the Washington State Legislature passed legislation “relating to providing for the means to encourage the use of cleaner energy.” The final of four chapters of the renewable energy act directed Washington State University to explore the ...
Categories: Public affairs, Engineering
Tags: Biofuels

Rethinking the Fundamentals
Winter 2008
Feeding the world may require us to use old knowledge in new ways. Although the prices of fuel and commodities have dropped since early summer, the volatility of their relationship will surely dog us for the foreseeable future. While stock prices may temporarily overshadow food prices in the public consciousness, some farmers and researchers are looking at different ways of doing business, perhaps moving the land-grant university back to its founding purpose.
Categories: Food, Agriculture
Tags: Biofuels, Food costs

Getting serious about biodiesel
Fall 2006
It's taken 25 years of basic research for work on plant-oil biochemistry to begin to pay off. And there's more work yet to do.
Categories: Biological sciences, Chemistry
Tags: Biodiesel, Biofuels