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First Words for Summer 2014
Summer 2014

Washington state is a wonderful place to grow up and be a kid. Hannelore Sudermann reflects on the summer issue and her own Washington childhood.

Categories: Washington state history, Education, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Children

State of Wonder
Summer 2014

A childhood spent in Washington has never been better. Our abundant natural resources, our trove of teachers and volunteers, and our commitment to child development make this a great state to grow up in.

Categories: Washington state history, Education
Tags: Outdoors, Child development, Children

Eat your broccoli or no cookie: Feeding styles and childhood obesity
Spring 2012
Ever try to get a child to stop munching potato chips and eat some carrots? That push toward healthier foods can sometimes contribute to familial strife, make it difficult for children to tell when they are full, and even increase the p...
Categories: Health sciences, Food
Tags: Eating, Nutrition, Parenting, Children

Lessons from the Forest—The anthropology of childhood
Spring 2012

Anthropologist Barry Hewlett has spent the last 40 years gleaning lessons from the Aka, a people who personify hundreds of thousands of years of human history.

Categories: Anthropology
Tags: Child development, Africa, Aka, Children, Parenting

Jell-O brains and boa constrictors draw kids to science
Summer 2005
Fifth-graders from seven area school districts bustled into the CUB ballroom recently for the third annual Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair. After the participants met with their brain team-neurons, dendrites, boutons, memory, synapses-they made a vi...
Categories: Biological sciences
Tags: Neuroscience, Children

A Private Matter
Summer 2005

Categories: Psychology
Tags: Human behavior, Domestic violence, Children

Hazy, crazy days of summer... science
Winter 2004
In the chemistry laboratory in Fuller Hall, Cougar Summer Science campers are either making bouncy balls through cross-linking polymers or figuring out the generation properties of oxygen. Tossing her laboratory-produced ball in the air, Kyleigh ...
Categories: Chemistry, Biological sciences
Tags: Children, Education

No Hollow Promise
Fall 2004
Half of all new public-school teachers quit within five years, and the best and brightest are often the first to go. Worse, the attrition rate at high-needs schools is even greater. The CO-TEACH program at WSU decised to change this situation.
Categories: Education
Tags: Children, Teaching

Recycled shoes furnish Kid's Cave
Fall 2004
FieldTurf now provides soft landings for more than 160 pre-school children playing in the "Kid's Cave" at Washington State University. In April the 16- by-21-yard carpet was installed in the alcove beneath the WSU Children's Center, formerly Roger...
Categories: Recreation
Tags: Children, Recycling

The art of communicating by signing
Fall 2004
Fingers flew at a rapid pace for Nancy Kikendall during the 2002-03 academic year at Gallaudet University for the deaf and hard of hearing in Washington, D.C. She was among only a few hearing students accepted into the school's graduate program. T...
Categories: Alumni, Communication
Tags: American Sign Language, Children, Education

Short Shakespeareans
Summer 2004
In a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Demetrius calls for a sword. His request produces instead a yellow rubber chicken tossed from off stage."Shakespeare should be fun," says Sherry Chastain Schreck, founding director of the "Short Shakespea...
Categories: Performing arts
Tags: Children, Theatre, Shakespeare

Grandfather Extraordinaire
Spring 2004
Jordi Kimes had been a teacher before becoming a stay home mom. She dreamed of returning to Washington State University and earning a doctorate in pharmacy. But she didn't want to put her daughters, ages 7, 3, and 1, in daycare. So she called her ...
Categories: WSU students
Tags: Family, Children

Picha, Herrick, Murdock honored by WSU Alunmi Association
Summer 2003
Washington State University created the Alumni Achievement Award in 1969 to honor alumni who have provided significant service and contributions to their profession, community, and/or WSU. In recent months, three individuals have been recognized.D...
Categories: Awards and honors, Alumni
Tags: Children, Education, Alumni Achievement Award