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A matter of taste
Summer 2014

The e-tongue can outdo the human organ as it quickly detects and characterizes flavors when it tastes food and wine. 

Categories: Food, Culinary Arts
Tags: Taste, Flavors

How Washington tastes: The Apple meets Cougar Gold
Spring 2013

One need not be an expert taster to appreciate the chemistry between the apple and Cougar Gold.

Categories: Agriculture, Food
Tags: Taste, Cougar Gold cheese, Apples, Horticulture, Cheese

Taste, an Accounting in Three Scenes
Spring 2013

I’d be lying if I claimed not to prefer the golf swings of Bobby Jones or Sam Snead to that of Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey. So I guess I’m a snob.

Categories: Music, Literature
Tags: Beethoven, Taste, Decorum