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Managing Nemo :: While collectors are hunting for tropical fish along the reefs of West Hawaii, marine scientist Brian Tissot is looking for ways to protect and replenish the colorful populations. We dive into his story, and the waters of Hawaii, as he checks in on the aquarium fishery. by Eric Sorensen

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: A Brush with Snorkel Bob }

The Collectors :: In 1988, hundreds of rare documents from colonial Mexico disappeared from the WSU Library archives. The author and readers go on a hunt through history to explain how they came to Pullman in the first place, and describe the investigation that led to their welcome return. by Hannelore Sudermann

{ Historically Yours :: WSU professor Paul Philemon Kies and his autograph collection. by Hannelore Sudermann }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: Paul Philemon Kies Autograph Collection }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: The Regla Collection :: Documents and photos from the WSU Archives}

The Atomic Landscape :: Seven decades after the first nuclear production facilities were sited at Hanford, we discover the cultural legacy. We sample from poetry, history, and art, as well as a WSU student’s master’s thesis. by Tim Steury

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: Historical Hanford }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: “Chain Reaction” by Zach Mazur }


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: The Manis Mastodon Site: An Adventure In Prehistory }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: How to inseminate honey bee queens }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: Pervious concrete for stormwater management }


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Recipes: Recipes with raspberries }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: Plume, by Kathleen Flenniken }


:: John E. Olerud ’65—Science is a lot like baseball

:: Dan Newhouse ’77—Farm to director’s office

:: Donald Wayne Bushaw, 1926-2012—A great teacher and a great learner

:: Alumni news: 10,000 More Members!

New Media

:: Winning the West for Women: The Life of Suffragist Emma Smith DeVoe by Jennifer M. Ross-Nazzal PhD ’04

:: The Persuasive Power of Campaign Advertising by Travis N. Ridout and Michael M. Franz

:: Alaska: A History by Claus-M. Naske ’70 PhD and Herman E. Slotnick

:: Governing Washington: Politics and Government in the Evergreen State edited by Cornell W. Clayton and Nicholas P. Lovrich

:: Dog Days, Raven Nights illustrated by Evon Zerbetz ’82

Cover: Brian Tissot looks in on some raccoon butterflyfish off West Hawaii. Photo Eric Sorensen


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Special bond
Those of us who attended Washington State University (or College) have a special bond. This is our experience and memories of our time there.

Sometimes those thoughts are made even more poignant by an article such as “A Hidden History” in the spring issue of Washington State Magazine. For all of us there is a story. It is the thread of WSU that binds us together.

Thank you for providing a periodic reminder of this wonderful bond.

David Leonard ’60

Quiet time
On the rare occasions where I have an unexpected hour of quiet time, I like to grab a magazine and read it all. This typically takes me through a Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, or the Sunday NYT. This evening I stumbled across a free hour and the first periodical in the pile was the latest WSM.

What a treat. The stories were not just informative and interesting, but captivating. From Orrin Pilkey to “Lessons of the Forest,” “Closer Inspection” to “The Wire,” it was a spectacular read from cover to cover.

Well done. Thank you.

Greg Witter ’84

Flour power
I suppose it’s a little late to be commenting on an article in your magazine, since I just received the spring issue, but I’m going to do it anyway. The article on local wheat flour brought back memories of Flourgirls Flour, and some hope for the future. Flourgirls was a great product but I was only able to use it for a couple of years, having discovered it late in the brand’s life. If WSU were to produce a similar product and market it at the same outlets that handle Cougar Gold cheese, as well as natural food and regional specialty stores, I think you’d have a winner. I know I’d buy it and encourage everybody I know to do likewise.

Madilane Perry ’69 

Generally there are only two or three articles that I really enjoy. But I read the spring 2012 issue from cover to cover. Rather than a have a specific focus, you provided a wonderfully diverse picture of what is best in WSU and Washington; food, CSI, insects, books, farming, gardening—oh my.

Irene Tichelaar ’68

From our website:

Let him swim
Great article! I’ve never met Tom [Jager], but had heard about some of his achievements through his father, Bob, with whom I worked at the DMA Aerospace Center (now NGA). I’m happy to see that Tom has established a good career in coaching. He should know a thing or two about swimming!

Phil Butler

I love this magazine. However, I was wondering why, in your In Memoriam, you don’t mention where the person lived? Their living group was very important especially in the first couple of years; it helps identify the person in case of similar names. Please consider this? Best wishes.

Nancy R. Lindenberg ’56

This would be a good addition. However, this detail isn’t in our records. If the residence is included in the information we receive, we will definitely print it.



#WSU’s Aurora Clark talks about how she applied #Google page ranks to molecular connections http://bit.ly/ySEBIG


Winning a battle, losing a war: herbicides to save butterfly habitat may kill the butterflies. http://bit.ly/xAYaIw via @1WildlifeNews


Who would tickle a rat? #WSU researcher Jaak Panksepp, who explores the world of emotions http://ow.ly/9vZzZ via @ABC #health


c.1926 Rogers Field construction
c.1926 Rogers Field construction

2012 Martin Stadium construction
2012 Martin Stadium construction

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