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Winter 2001

Winter 2001

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Mariner Mania :: A new hero surfaced every game. Ichiro, Bell, Boone, Martinez, McLemore, Olerud, Cameron, Garcia, Sele. by Pat Caraher

Cataclysm, Light, & Passion :: Even though the Washington wine industry is in its relative infancy, it is playing with the big boys. How did it get so good so quickly? by Tim Steury

The Laguna's Secrets :: On the shore of the Laguna Especial, some 30 locals of all ages watch patiently, no doubt mentally rehearsing the crazy gringo stories they'll share tonight over dinner. The archaeologists are the best show on the mountain. by Tim Steury

Peter Van Sant Thrives on a "48-Hour" Day :: Peter Van Sant hasn't seen it all. But he hasn't missed much either. by Pat Caraher

State Route 26 Revealed :: Pepto pig, abandoned barns, dueling windmills, poplar trees that grow 15 feet a year. Revealing the soul of a highway. by Andrea Vogt




ASK DR. UNIVERSE: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Cover: Winemaker Cheryl Barber-Jones ('76 Food Science), of Silver Lake Winery. Read the story. Photograph © 2001 Laurence Chen, www.lchenphoto.com.

Ken and Jeff Christianson on Mt. Kenya.

Ken and Jeff Christianson on Mt. Kenya.

Mountain men

© Washington State University

The father-and-son team of Ken and Jeff Christianson of Burlington climbed 19,340-foot Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania last May. By coincidence rather than plan, Jeff says, “we summited on my dad’s 49th birthday— May 14.”

The pair spent six nights on the mountain getting acclimated, then completed the climb in six days.

“It was more like a high-altitude trek, nothing technical,” Jeff says. They also climbed the third-highest peak on Mount Kenya, 16,355-foot Point Lenana.

During two years of climbing, Jeff has topped Mount Rainier (14,411 feet) twice—in 2000, when he also scaled Mount Baker and Mount Adams, and again last summer.

“We live in the North Cascades, so it’s kind of hard to avoid them [mountains]” says Jeff. His dad accompanied him on the latest ascent of Rainier.

A senior in construction management at Washington State University, Jeff is president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. His brother, Jay, is a sophomore at WSU and a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. During his own student days, Ken (’74 Agron.) was president of SPE.

Today Ken is president of the Alf Christianson Seed Co., founded by his great-grandfather in 1926. The company grows vegetable seed for spinach, cabbage, and carrots. He has been supportive of WSU research and extension for years. In 1995, he teamed with his mother, Lucille, and brother, Mark, to establish the Alfred Christianson Distinguished Professorship in Vegetable Seed Science.

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