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Fall 2005

Fall 2005

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Where Have You Gone, Edward R. Murrow? :: Edward R. Murrow '30 broadcasted reports from a London rooftop during the Blitz. He confronted Joseph McCarthy on national television. And he admitted "an abiding fear regarding what...[radio and TV] are doing to our society, and our heritage."

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Interview: The Battle Against Ignorance : An Interview with Bob Edwards }

Diabetes: It's Still Up to You :: Although Mary Ellen Harvey '58 knew about her type 2 diabetes for nearly 20 years, she wasn't managing it very well on her own. That changed when she joined thousands of other diabetics across the country in a diabetes management trial.

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Recipe: Tortilla soup for diabetics }

How Coug Are You? :: Would you paint your airplane crimson and gray? Or drive hundreds of miles to wave the Cougar flag at a non-Coug game? Or keep a concrete cougar in your yard? Well, how Coug are you?

WSM Special Report :: Drinking on Campus

How WSU is helping to change the culture of alcohol

More Thinking, Less Drinking :: "Everybody knows this place as a party school," says a student about WSU. But what everyone knows is starting to change. by Hope Tinney

Our Drink :: Toren Volkmann and his mother, Chris Volkmann '70 have co-authored a book about their family's experience with Toren's alcoholism. What they learned through direct experience dovetails with what counselors and researchers are discovering at WSU and beyond. by Hope Tinney

Two chapters from Our Drink: Detoxing the Perfect Family, by Chris Volkmann '70 and Toren Volkmann. (PDF: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader.)


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: Bringing couture to campus: A gallery from the 22nd Annual Mom's Weekend Fashion Show }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: If clothes could talk...but they do! What WSU students are wearing on campus. }


:: FOOD AND FORAGE: The spice of life

:: PERSPECTIVE: Thinking about Washington State

:: A SENSE OF PLACE: Bounty on the bluff

:: SEASONS|SPORTS: I never said thank you.

:: SEASONS|SPORTS: Legends of the Palouse

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story and video: An affair of the heart :: In his documentary film, Legends of the Palouse, Jeff McQuarrie '98 seeks to answer the question, "What is this love affair we have with our school?" Includes an exclusive video excerpt of Junior Tupuola and Rod Retherford from the film. }


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: Elegy: May 18, 1980 :: In memory of a friend and the geologic event that marked her passing. by Bill Morelock '77 }

Cover: Edward R. Murrow '30. Photography from Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections.

Maxime Guinel, from Brittany, had been on campus a week when he met Sophia Sushailo, from Ukraine. They married in June.

Maxime Guinel, from Brittany, had been on campus a week when he met Sophia Sushailo, from Ukraine. They married in June. Robert Hubner

An International Romance

by | © Washington State University

Maxime Guinel wanted to do something different. So he left his home in Brittany, went to college in Manchester, England, then came to Washington State University in 2002 to pursue his doctorate. A week after he arrived in Pullman, he met Sophia Sushailo from Ivano-Frankivsk, in western Ukraine. They fell in love.

Maxime is a doctoral candidate in materials science and is a member of Grant Norton's materials science research group. Sophia has just finished her bachelor's degree in biotechnology. She plans to work for a year while Maxime finishes his degree. She has already been accepted into two graduate programs in pharmacology.

Sophia first came to the U.S. as an exchange student at La Center High School, attended Clark College in Vancouver, then transferred to WSU.

As neither speaks the other's language, Maxime and Sophia communicate strictly in English. Given that French is at least somewhat easier to learn than Ukrainian, I asked Sophia whether she would learn French. I know how to say "je ne comprend pas," she replied, smiling.

Maxime and Sophia were married in La Center in June, with a reception at the home of Bob and Tamara Lemon, Sophia's hosts when she was an exchange student. Maxime's parents, Jean and Dominique Guinel, flew from France to attend the wedding. Sophia's parents were unable to come, but the newlyweds plan to visit each other's families once Maxime finishes his graduate studies.

Finally, says Sophia, Maxime makes very good crepes.

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