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Mountains and Rivers and Prairies Without End—Recollecting Washington’s landscapes :: “The whole concept has burgeoned ... to one where the landscape is part of why people select to live in certain locations, has political meaning, has religious meaning, has all of these other kinds of meaning.” by Tim Steury

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Trips: Washington road trips from Tim Steury and Kathleen Flenniken}

A True Story Fraught with Peril :: Buried in hundreds of layers of rock are tales of fire, brimstone, destruction, and fragility. by Eric Sorensen

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Trips: Flood Basalts and Glacier Floods: Roadside Geology of Parts of Walla Walla, Franklin, and Columbia Counties, Washington }

A Dose of Reason—Pediatric specialists advocate for vaccines :: In 2011, Washington’s vaccination rate was dangerously low. According to the CDC, 6.2 percent of children in kindergarten had not been fully immunized. by Hannelore Sudermann

An inquiring mind :: Ken Alexander ’82, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital.


On the Road :: Washington’s Poet Laureate brings poetry to, and discovers it in, each of the state’s 39 counties. by Kathleen Flenniken ’83


:: Backyard boarders

:: Google ranking molecules

:: Music to a closed country

:: The calculus of caring and cooperation

:: Sorting debitage from rubble

:: A wider canvas

:: Predictive software helps communication

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Video: WSU chemist applies Google software to webs of the molecular world }


:: First Words

:: Posts

:: Sports: After the games

:: In Season: What about buckwheat?

:: Last Words: Everyone could use a lift

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Recipe: Sonoko Sakai’s Nihachi Soba Noodles }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Video: Campus shortcuts }


:: Robert Franklin ’75, ’76, ’79—A new leash on life

:: Pavlo Rudenko ’09—As fast as he can go

:: Nancy Gillett ’78—The business of science

:: Alumni news: Two alumni recognized for their contributions to food and agriculture

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE–Guide: A Guide to TriboTeX Nano-based Lubricant }

New Media

Soldiers of Paint by Doug Gritzmacher ’98 and Michael DeChant Jr.

Civility and Democracy in America: A Reasonable Understanding edited by Cornell W. Clayton and Richard Elgar

A Yankee on Puget Sound by Karen L. Johnson ’78 and Dennis M. Larsen ’68

New & Noteworthy: Operation Cody: An Undercover Investigation of Illegal Wildlife Trafficking in Washington State by Todd A. Vandivert ’79; Isaiah Shembe’s Prophetic Uhlanga by Joel E. Tishken; The Business of Android Apps Development/Taking Your Kindle Fire to the Max/LEGO Technic Robotics/Practical LEGO Technics by Mark Rollins ’94

On the cover: “Washington Road Trips” by John S. Dykes

WSU Alumni Association News

Two alumni recognized for their contributions to food and agriculture

© Washington State University

In recent months, the Washington State University Alumni Association honored United Nations Food Safety Officer Masami Takeuchi and Louisiana State University Professor Gail L. Cramer with WSU Alumni Achievement Awards.

A native of Japan, Masami Takeuchi earned her first bachelor’s degree in 1994 from Kwassui University in Nagasaki, Japan. At WSU, she completed a bachelor’s degree in 1999, a master of science degree in 2001, and a doctorate in 2004, all in human nutrition.

Based in Rome, Takeuchi is one of a small group of food safety and quality officers working for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Nutrition and Consumer Protection Division.

From 2007 to 2010, Takeuchi worked with the Ministry of Agriculture in Bhutan to develop and implement an integrated, environmentally sound approach to food safety and animal health. The program’s success prompted the FAO to develop similar programs in eight other countries—five in Africa and three in Asia. Takeuchi continues to travel to Africa and Asia to ensure the continued success of the programs.

Last August Takeuchi was the guest speaker for the School of Food Science Distinguished Lecture Series, sponsored by Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

Gail L. Cramer was honored for his outstanding contributions to agricultural policy, research, and global agribusiness.

Currently head of LSU’s Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Cramer is the recipient of a number of research grants from the USDA and other entities for agricultural research and the author of over 220 scholarly articles, book chapters, and volumes in his areas of expertise.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics from Washington State University in 1963 and a master’s of science degree from Michigan State University the following year. He earned his doctorate from Oregon State University in 1968. His academic posts include visiting associate professor at Harvard University, where he founded the International Agribusiness Management Association in 1992. He was named to his current position at LSU in 2000.

Cramer has been recognized with numerous awards and honors in his field. In 2004, he received the prestigious Gamma Sigma Delta Distinguished Achievement in Agriculture International Award. He was honored with the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. In 1989, he was appointed to the White House Agribusiness Commission.

In 2007, Cramer, with his wife Marilyn ’63 and their son Bruce ’92 and his family, established the Gail L. Cramer and Marilyn J. Karlenberg Cramer Endowed Scholarship at WSU. Cramer’s community service roles include service with Kiwanis Club, Key Club, and Babe Ruth baseball.

For more information about WSUAA and alumni chapters visit alumni.wsu.edu or call 1-800-258-6978.

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