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Matters of taste

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How Washington Tastes—The Apple meets Cougar Gold :: One need not be an expert taster to appreciate the chemistry between the apple and Cougar Gold. by Tim Steury

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Guide: Heirloom apples in Washington }

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Infographic: The Cheddar cheese lexicon }

Passing the Smell Test :: Throughout the living world, the nose leads the way, pioneering a course through the environment with the ability to spot virtually invisible perils and prizes. by Eric Sorensen

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: Simple scents in retail }

Patrick Rothfuss ’02—World builder :: Life’s a fantasy for best-selling author Patrick Rothfuss. He invites us into his worlds, one real and one of his own invention. by Hannelore Sudermann

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: Tribble Trouble :: WSU professor emeritus Paul Brians and a look at the Icons of Science Fiction at Seattle’s Experience Music Project}

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: Literary Taste :: Experts' takes on the seminal works in literary genres}

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: The art of Nate Taylor ’02 }


Taste, an Accounting in Three Scenes :: I’d be lying if I claimed not to prefer the golf swings of Bobby Jones or Sam Snead to that of Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey. So I guess I’m a snob. by Bill Morelock ’77


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Video: Replays, multiple views, and info in iStadium A look at the 3D-4U Solutions technology }


:: First Words: Tastes like Beethoven

:: Posts

:: In Season: The essential egg

:: Sports: Down Under to Pullman

:: Sports Extra: One happy ending

:: Last Words: Fruitful history

{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Story: Training for Good Eggs The Shoups and the Puyallup poultry course }


{ WEB EXCLUSIVE—Gallery: Labels and branding from No-Li Brewhouse }

New media

:: Treasure, Treason and the Tower: El Dorado and the Murder of Sir Walter Raleigh by Paul Sellin ’52

:: Montana Before History: 11,000 Years of Hunter-Gatherers in the Rockies and Plains by Douglas H. MacDonald ’94

:: Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family by Kelly Ward and Lisa Wolf-Wendel

:: That One Spooky Night by Dan Bar-El, illustrated by David Huyck

On the cover: “Snow White” by Jung Von Matt for Ed. Wüsthof Dreizackwerk KG.

WSU Alumni Association News

Steadfast Cougar Spirit

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Golden and Diamond Graduates Reunion

A lot has changed in 60 years. Six decades ago, Washington State University was still called the State College of Washington. Todd Hall, Holland Library, and the Compton Union Building were newly built. Legendary coach Jack Friel helmed the men’s basketball team, and the college belonged to the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.

Today, campus landmarks include a new Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health and a freshly remodeled Martin Stadium. One thing remains unchanged: the Cougar homing instinct. No matter when they graduated, Cougars love returning “home” to Pullman. This April, hundreds of WSU graduates from 1953 and 1963 will do just that, celebrating their fiftieth and sixtieth college reunion at the 64th annual Golden and Diamond Graduates Reunion.

In 1949, the Washington State University Alumni Association held the first Golden Graduates Reunion, welcoming back four of the seven students from the first graduating class of 1899. The reunion grew steadily over the years, drawing over 270 graduates and guests in 2012. It is still hosted annually by the WSUAA. 

“We’ve carried on this tradition to honor the alumni who are such a rich part of the university’s history,” says WSUAA executive director Tim Pavish. “Some travel to Pullman often, and some haven’t been back in decades.” 

At the two-day reunion, graduates explore a modernized campus that retains every ounce of its brick-ensconced, hilly, collegiate charm. They meet former classmates, tour buildings both familiar and new, take part in college luncheons, and choose from a menu of activities including a Veterans Memorial Presentation, Classes Without Quizzes sessions, small group reunions, and a social hour and banquet. The reunion is open to Golden (50-year), Diamond (60-year), and Platinum (70-year) graduates and their families, as well as former WSU students and those who graduated with other classes. 

 “Our sixtieth reunion certainly embodied the WSU motto of ‘World Class, Face to Face,’” says Laurel Morgan of Quincy, Washington, who attended the 2011 reunion with her husband Rex. “We heard so many favorable comments from our fellow grads—everything from the attention to detail, the efficient service, the excellent food, and the many over-the-top ways that WSU catered to our comfort and enjoyment.”

That type of response is music to Pavish’s ears. “So much has changed, and the university has many new reasons to celebrate, but our Cougar spirit remains the same,” he says. “It’s an honor to reintroduce our graduates to the university and see them get excited about the amazing work taking place here today.” This year’s reunion takes place April 24 and 25, 2013. For more information, please contact reunions@wsu.edu or call 1-800-258-6978.

For more information about WSUAA and alumni chapters visit www.alumni.wsu.edu or call 1-800-258-6978.

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