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Drawing on Paris experiences
Summer 2015

Paris calls students to its streets, and those travelers gain new insight and a powerful learning experience on a faculty-led tour of the City of Light.

Categories: Visual arts, WSU students
Tags: Paris, Study abroad

Why did people invent movies?
Summer 2015

Dr. Universe looks into the invention of moving films and the cinema.

Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Inventions, Movies

Images iconic and intimate
Summer 2015

Photographs by Vivian Maier and iconic images from the Corbis collection were featured at the WSU Museum of Art in spring 2015.

Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Photographers, Photography, WSU Museum of Art

Where the heart is
Fall 2014

Artist Jim Dine gave WSU The Technicolor Heart in 2004. Now he has given a significant collection of more than 200 of his prints to the University.

Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: WSU Museum of Art, Jim Dine, Printmaking, Prints, Museums

The Community of the Oyster
Winter 2013

Keith Cox documented the oyster community of Willapa Bay in film, culminating in a showing at Raymond Theater that brought together generations of oystermen. 

Categories: Agriculture, Visual arts
Tags: Documentary, Oysters

Spaces between
Summer 2013

Taking the road less traveled can lead to serendipitous finds such as the whimsy of Emil Gehrke's windmill creations.

Categories: Washington state history, Visual arts
Tags: Small towns, Artists

Spiritual landscapes
Fall 2010
Contemporary Aboriginal PaintingsFrom the Collection of Margaret Levi and Robert KaplanWSU Museum of Art, October 1–December 11, 2010Although the details and relationships vary amongst Australian Aboriginal groups, in the beginning the landscape ...
Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Aboriginal art, Australia

Kevin Tomlinson ’75—Back to the garden
Fall 2010
On a roadtrip with a friend in 1988, Kevin Tomlinson stumbled onto what would be the seed of a great story. At the time, he just knew he had to collect it and save it.“We were out to see the American West,” says the filmmaker, who graduat...
Categories: Visual arts, Alumni
Tags: Film, Back to the Land movement, Movies, Documentary

World of Mateo
Summer 2010
The work of Matthew LeikerWSU Museum of Art, May 18–July 2 The World of Mateo is filled with images of an American subculture known by no particular name but seemingly related to road culture, California style, album jacket graphics of the 5...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: Pop Art, Surfer culture, Artists

Robert Helm, 65 - Acclaimed Northwest artist, teacher
Spring 2009
Robert Helm, an acclaimed Northwest artist known for surreal imagery and exquisite craftsmanship, died October 21, 2008. He was 65. Helm was born in Wallace, Idaho, and attended North Central High School in Spokane, where he met Tamara Kimpel. They...
Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Artists, In memoriam

The end is the beginning. A photo essay
Fall 2008
A Chinese native who was born during the Cultural Revolution, Jian Yang '08 found his artistic self somewhere in between his home country and the United States. That understanding of the in-between is perhaps why, on a visit home after spending some time here in graduate school, he discovered a fascination for the disappearing tradition of rural Chinese opera.
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Photography, China, Theatre

On the road
Summer 2008
Museum of Art director Chris Bruce has not been content of late to just set up a traveling show and then send it back. He'd just as soon put the show together and make sure it gets seen as much as possible by putting it on the road. Bruce started ...
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Art museums

Ray Troll: A story of fish, fossils, and funky art
Spring 2007
Ray Troll '81 has a species of ratfish named after him, Hydrolagus trolli. He calls Darwin "Chuckie D" and paints pictures of him driving around in an Evolvo. This is a man who has embraced his past and paints it wildly and beautifully.
Categories: Alumni, Music, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Evolution, Artists

Gaylen Hansen: Three decades of paintings
Spring 2007
It's hard to imagine that at one time Gaylen Hansen painted conventional abstractions—nice but, well, abstract and unfamiliar—nothing like the tall tales he's painted for the past 30 years. That's when he joined the Kernal and began his journe...
Categories: Visual arts, WSU history
Tags: Artists

Viticultural art
Spring 2007
Wine-By-Cougars, the precocious young wine club sponsored by the Washington State University Alumni Association, is adding art to its viticultural appeal. The wine club will offer a special "Artist Expression 2007," a union of student art and alum...
Categories: Visual arts
Tags: Painting, Wine

An equation for beauty
Winter 2006
The painter spends his days on the third floor of an ancient biscuit plant in a seedy section of industrial Ballard. The building, just a block from the Ballard Bridge, houses a collection of artists, mostly ceramicists whose main-floor kiln warms...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: Painting, Artists

Busting out
Summer 2006
One rainy afternoon this spring filmmaker Francine Strickwerda entered the El Diablo coffee shop in Seattle. She ordered a cubano latte and then sat at a table overlooking Queen Anne Avenue. She looked around the busy room. The scene brought back ...
Categories: Visual arts, Alumni
Tags: Movies, Breast cancer, Documentary

The Clothesline Project
Spring 2006
Haunting and colorful, the Clothesline Project usually stops students in their tracks as they head across the Glenn Terrell Mall to class. It's a display of several hundred t-shirts made by people connected to Washington State University with mess...
Categories: Campus life, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Pullman life, Artists

Growing as an Artist
Spring 2006
windows along the north wall look out over Martin Stadium. They offer quite a view, especially on game days, says Powell. On one wall hang two of his latest pieces, paintings on birch plywood, a medium he says gives him more of a feeling of perman...
Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Artists

Pop Art in Pullman
Winter 2005
This fall, Washington State University's Museum of Art is showing more than 70 works by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Entitled Roy Lichtenstein Prints 1956-97, the exhibit offers a comprehensive record of the artist's evolution. Lichtenstein explo...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: WSU Museum of Art, Pop Art, Painting

Bringing couture to campus
Fall 2005
The annual Mom's Weekend fashion show last spring featured the work of 13 Washington State University student designers. It was an impressive display, considering that it was the first time many of the young designers had created a multi-piece col...
Categories: WSU students, Visual arts
Tags: Design, Fashion

Between humor and menace: The art of Gaylen Hansen
Spring 2003
Gaylen Hansen paints his alter ego as he confronts giant grasshoppers and a buffalo lurking behind the bed.
Categories: Visual arts, Humanities
Tags: Artists, Painting

Sherman Alexie: "It's all good"
Spring 2003
It may look the same today, but as Sherman Alexie walked down the aisle of the Kenworthy Theater in Moscow, Idaho, he realized his last memory of the place was, well, a little bit hazy."I was just recalling with a friend of mine who I went to schoo...
Categories: Visual arts, Alumni
Tags: Native Americans, Film, Movies

A Campus Full of Wonders
Spring 2002
All over campus, curiosities emerged from closets to form one of the most popular and unusual shows ever to fill the art museum.
Categories: Library and museum studies, Visual arts
Tags: Ephemera, Museums