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Billions to Be Served
Summer 2015

Scientists and chefs at the WSU Mount Vernon Research Center’s Bread Lab study local grains and traditional baking techniques to make a better loaf.

Categories: Food, Agriculture, WSU Extension
Tags: WSU Mount Vernon Research Center, Bread, Wheat, Small farms

The ultimate DIY source
Fall 2014

The land-grant school has been advising Washingtonians on topics from canning jams to breeding cattle since 1892, often through Extension bulletins.

Categories: WSU Extension, WSU history
Tags: Extension, Bulletins

Extension in Washington
Fall 2014

Extension at WSU has provided assistance and knowledge to Washingtonians since before the Smith-Lever Act of 1914.

Categories: WSU Extension, WSU history
Tags: Extension

Watching the sea
Winter 2013

WSU Extension and its partners at the Northwest Indian College launched the Salish Sea Research Center in northwestern Washington to look at complicated environments of the region.

Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Salish Sea

The Essential Egg
Spring 2013

More than a century ago, Washington State College's chicken farming course helped Judson Wilcox and others start up what would become Washington's 1.9 billion-egg-a-year industry.

Categories: WSU Extension, Food, Agriculture
Tags: Puyallup, Chickens, Poultry, Eggs

Cherries in two dimensions
Fall 2012

A novel architecture for cherry trees on a two-dimensional plane can help the trees develop a fruiting wall suited for mechanized harvesters. WSU horticulturist Matthew Whiting '01 PhD is part of a project to develop the  upright fruiting offshoots (UFOs) system.

Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Cherries, Horticulture

When wildfire comes to town
Fall 2011
Flames ripped through the pines and brush in the Dishman Hills west of Spokane Valley in July 2008, just as they’ve done for thousands of years. A dry wind pushed the fire up a hill, hotter and faster, and straight into a new developmen...
Categories: Forestry, WSU Extension, Natural sciences
Tags: Natural Resources, Forest fires, Wildfire

Seeing the trees
Fall 2011
At the south end of Whidbey Island, off a tree-lined road, Linda Kast ’75 pulls her station wagon up to a gate and jumps out. She opens her hatchback and extracts a thick folder containing maps, a history, and an inventory of her smal...
Categories: Alumni, WSU Extension, Forestry
Tags: Forest management

Business is blooming
Summer 2011
On a sunny weekend in early spring, 40 farmers and would-be cut flower growers fill the second floor of the barn at Jello Mold Farm in the Skagit Valley. Bundled in their coats against the cool mo...
Categories: Business, Agriculture, WSU Extension
Tags: Flowers, Gardens

Recruiting rural health care providers
Fall 2010
On the quirky comedy Northern Exposure, an isolated Alaskan town enticed a New York City doctor to become the community’s physician. While the city doc’s angst and the eccentric residents—including a moose from WSU—drew laughs, the sh...
Categories: Health sciences, WSU Extension
Tags: Rural health care, Doctors, Nursing

Back to the city
Fall 2010

As King County's farm specialist, Steve Evans '78, '82 has watched agriculture disappear from the area. But now some of the land is going to smaller farms with high value crops. Meanwhile, small farms agent Bee Cha helps East African refugees farm in the urban Pacific Northwest.

Categories: Agriculture, WSU Extension
Tags: Seattle, Urban farming, Tacoma, Extension, Farmers markets

The kinder, gentler orchard
Fall 2010

The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 initiated the gradual phasing out of organophosphate pesticides. By 2012, the major chemical defense against wormy apples will no longer be available. But not to worry, thanks to a continuous refinement of Integrated Pest Management and collaboration amongst growers, industry fieldmen, and WSU researchers.

Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Tree fruit, Integrated Pest Management, Fruit, Pesticides, Pest management, Horticulture

Stormwater central
Winter 2009
There’s nothing mundane about the new parking lot at the WSU research and extension center in Puyallup. It is a state-of-the-art polluted water collection system. The 70...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Sustainability, Ecology, Water quality, Stormwater

Master Gardeners
Fall 2009
"Cultivating plants, people, and communities since 1973" is how the Master Gardeners explain themselves. The concept has worked well. Washington, where it all started, now has over 3,000 volunteer Master Gardeners, who in exchange for training in turn give their knowledge and expertise to others in their communities. These communities have now spread across the United States and Canada.
Categories: WSU Extension, Agriculture
Tags: Gardens, Gardening

A tiny shrimp threatens to topple an industry
Winter 2005
The stakes are high. The shellfish industry represents well over $60 million to the state's economy. Oyster grower Dick Wilson can hold one of the biggest threats to his livelihood in the palm of his hand-a pink, gnarly, destructive, bu...
Categories: Environmental studies, WSU Extension
Tags: Shrimp, Ocean

Plants of the Wild
Winter 2004
Tucked away in the heart of the Palouse is one of the best-known native-plant nurseries in the West. Plants of the Wild Nursery in Tekoa, Washington, grows and markets trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and groundcovers throughout most of the western U.S...
Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Gardening, Palouse

Gardening on the Palouse
Summer 2004
The area known to practically every Washingtonian as "the Palouse" is one of six large grassland communities in North America. The Palouse stretches from just south of Spokane to the Snake River valley, near Moscow and Pullman. Today, it is a fert...
Categories: WSU Extension, Environmental studies
Tags: Horticulture, Palouse, Gardening

Emerald winters, brown summers
Summer 2003
How dry it is! Understanding the summer climate west of the Cascades baffles lots of residents. The "emerald green" attitude extends to believing that summer months wrap themselves in rain and mist just as winter does. However, our "modified Medit...
Categories: WSU Extension
Tags: Seattle, Gardening, Water