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Oso—a view from inside a disaster
Fall 2014

WSU professor Matt Carroll, whose academic specialty is human reaction to natural disasters, found himself personally involved when he learned his best friend Tom Durnell had died in the Oso landslide.

Categories: WSU faculty, Public affairs, Sociology
Tags: Oso mudslide, Natural disaster

Gabriel Fielding
Winter 2013

As his books come back in print, a new portrait of author and longtime WSU English professor Gabriel Fielding adorns the wall of Avery Hall's Bundy Reading Room.

Categories: Literature, WSU faculty
Tags: Gabriel Fielding, Authors

Eugene Rosa 1942–2013—Working for people and the planet
Fall 2013

Environmental sociologist Gene Rosa was a pioneer in his field, keeping his eye on the increasingly threatened natural environment and the people in it. He passed away in February 2013.

Categories: Environmental studies, Sociology, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam

Charles Argersinger 1951–2013—Equilibrium
Fall 2013

Charles Edward Argersinger, emeritus professor of music at Washington State University and a resident of the Palouse area since 1988, died April 16, 2013, in Pullman, after a long illness. He was 61.

Categories: Music, WSU faculty
Tags: Composers, In memoriam, Jazz, Classical music

Unfiltered history
Fall 2012

A collection of oral histories from WSU emeritus faculty reveal an engrossing and unfiltered account of the last several decades at the University.

Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history, Campus life
Tags: Oral history

Historically Yours
Summer 2012
Paul Philemon Kies, a popular professor of English, was one of the keenest collectors at Washington State College. When he wasn’t teaching, advising, or shooting photographs on campus, he was filling his office and home with rare books, autog...
Categories: WSU faculty, History
Tags: Collections, Autographs, Collections

Donald Wayne Bushaw 1926–2012—A great teacher and a great learner
Summer 2012
“Learning should be an unending process,” said Don Bushaw in an interview some years back. Anyone who knew him at all will know this was no idle observation. Bushaw, who first arrived at Washington State College in 1943 as a 17-year-old fre...
Categories: Mathematics, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Mathematicians, WSU staff

Hal Dengerink 1943-2011—Tribute to Hal
Spring 2012
On September 14, 2011, the first chancellor of Washington State University Vancouver, Hal Dengerink, passed away at the age of 68.I first met Hal Dengerink when he came to WSU Vancouver from WSU Pullman to oversee the programs that were offer...
Categories: WSU Vancouver, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, WSU staff

John R. Gorham 1922-2011—Veterinary pathologist
Spring 2012
In the early 1940s, John Gorham ’46 DVM, MS ’47 left his family home in Sumner to attend Washington State College as an undergraduate. He found a life here, marrying fellow student Mary Ellen Martin and staying on to earn his doctor...
Categories: Veterinary medicine, WSU faculty
Tags: Animal diseases, Pathology, Animal health, In memoriam

Outsmarting Dementia
Winter 2011
We used to believe, says neuropsychologist Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, that if a person lived long enough, he or she would develop dementia. Now we know better, she says. Whether caused by Alzheimer’s or other disease, dementia ...
Categories: Biological sciences, Psychology, WSU faculty
Tags: Aging, Dementia, Memory, WSU staff

Henry Grosshans—1921-2010
Summer 2011
Henry Grosshans came to Washington State College in 1952, engaging in an active academic and intellectual life for three decades, after which he retired to Shoreline, Washington. Grosshans died last October, at the age of 89.He was for ma...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Rhodes Scholar, WSU Press, Honors College

An art history
Spring 2011
Worth D. Griffin stepped off the train in Pullman in the fall of 1924 to find Washington State College’s art department barely four years old and with just one other full-time faculty member. Prior to that, the only art instruction offe...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history, Fine Arts
Tags: Native Americans, Painting, Artists

Big Ideas
Summer 2010
We delve into WSU's rich intellectual history, listing some of the great ideas and discoveries that have come out of our institution.
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty, Agriculture, Biological sciences, Social sciences
Tags: Research, Science history, Innovation, Scientists

WSU Big Ideas, Discoveries, Creations, Conceptions, People (a suggestive list)
Summer 2010
The Uniqueness of Pacific Northwest Flora and Fauna C.V. PiperLargely self-taught as a naturalist, Piper believed he needed to classify the flora and fauna of the PNW so other scientists could better understand the uniqueness of area. Published F...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: Innovation, Scientists, Science history, Research

Of honor and friendship
Spring 2010
One of the most successful partnerships in WSU history began in failure.It was the spring of 1975, Kansas State University. Guy Palmer was given a piece of ore in an analytical chemistry class and told to figure out how much nickel was in it. H...
Categories: Awards and honors, Veterinary medicine, WSU faculty
Tags: Awards, Animal health

Grover Krantz (1931-2002) and Clyde
Winter 2009
“I’ve been a teacher all my life, and I think I might as well be a teacher after I’m dead,” Grover Krantz told the Smithsonian’s anthropology collections manager David Hunt as they negotiated Krantz’s proposed donation of his skeleton...
Categories: Anthropology, WSU faculty
Tags: Taxidermy, Forensic anthropology, Dogs

WSU Presidents—An evening of honors
Fall 2009
In late June nearly 200 people gathered to recognize Washington State University’s presidents emeriti Glenn Terrell (1967–1985), Sam Smith (1985–2000), and V. Lane Rawlins (2000–2007). The event kicked off a fundraising effort for need-bas...
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

Wallis Beasley, 92 - Sociologist, administrator, interim WSU president
Spring 2009
From young faculty member to acting president, Wallis Beasley had a profound influence on the direction of Washington State University. Beasley died at age 92 of age-related causes at Bishop Place in Pullman on May 20, 2008. He was born in Red B...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU staff, In memoriam

It felt like coming home
Summer 2007

With Lane Rawlins, Washington State University has "become what a lot of people envisioned it could be." Even though he has plenty of ideas of what to do next, it is time to hand over the presidency.

Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

The presidents
Summer 2007
Depending on how you count, Elson S. Floyd becomes Washington State University's tenth, eighth, maybe twelfth, president. Whereas the tenures of the first two, Lilley and Heston, were tumultuous, brief, and of corresponding effect, other interim pres...
Categories: WSU history, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

WSU welcomes a new president
Spring 2007

Elson S. Floyd was named the 10th president of Washington State University in December. He and his wife, Carmento, will be moving to Washington from Missouri this spring.

Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

Spillman memorial rededicated
Spring 2007
A memorial marker for William Jasper Spillman, a crop research pioneer and one of Washington State College's first professors, was returned to campus last fall.Spillman was the sixth faculty member to be hired at WSC, and the researcher responsibl...
Categories: WSU faculty, Agriculture
Tags: Memorials

Terrell honored
Fall 2006
Last spring, amid smiles and tears and tales from years past, nearly 100 Washington State University officials, students, alumni, and faculty gathered in the atrium of the New Library to rename the 1994 building the Terrell Library in honor of pre...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

It's Only a Model
Winter 2005
Modelers don't always expect their models to be "right." But they do expect them to help explain our world.
Categories: Biological sciences, WSU faculty
Tags: Shakespeare, Modeling, Seeds

Thinking about Washington State
Fall 2005
Adapted from a talk the author delivered April 2005, upon receiving the Washington State University Eminent Faculty Award.I am honored, pleased, and humbled by the recognition that has been bestowed upon me. I'd like to take this time to share some ...
Categories: WSU faculty, Alumni
Tags: Ethics, Public relations

A life of science and beauty: 1953-2005
Fall 2005
We were all stunned and saddened by the death, from an aneurysm, of Vincent Franceschi. The director of both the School of Biological Sciences and the Electron Microscopy Center, Franceschi built a rich and diverse career in his 52 years. As a pla...
Categories: Biological sciences, WSU faculty
Tags: Microscopy

Opening minds, setting lives on course
Winter 2004
Some believe that the ability to teach and inspire is simply a gift that you either have or don't have. But WSU isn't just leaving it to chance.
Categories: WSU faculty, Education
Tags: Research, Teaching

WSU researchers attract record $184.2 million
Winter 2004
New grant awards break the previous year's record by nearly 16 percent.
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: Research, Money

Livestock Advisors Celebrate 20 Years
Winter 2004
While the nationally recognized Master Gardener Program celebrated its 30th anniversary last summer, another Washington State University Extension volunteer program observed its 20th year of lending good advice.The early 1980s saw a growing a back...
Categories: WSU faculty, Agriculture
Tags: Livestock

Kemble Stout left mark as WSU music educator, administrator, performer
Winter 2004
Growing up the son of a music store owner in Kirksville, Missouri, Kemble A. Stout may have been predestined to pursue a career in music. He could take any instrument home. His favorites were the bassoon and clarinet."His main interest never varie...
Categories: Alumni, WSU faculty
Tags: Music, Education, Composers

Keating Johnson: A passion for music
Fall 2004
L. Keating Johnson's passion for music was sparked in the fifth grade, after he saw the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. That year he started tuba lessons. A few years later, at Denver's George Washington High School, he talked Antonia Brico into gi...
Categories: WSU faculty, Alumni
Tags: Music

Stories about growing up
Summer 2004
Pamela Smith Hill isn't one to forget her roots.Born and raised in Missouri, Smith Hill set one of her novels, A Voice from the Border, in the Show-Me state, and another, Ghost Horses, in South Dakota, where she lived and worked for nearly a decad...
Categories: Education, English, Fiction, WSU faculty
Tags: Writers, Writing

Late history professor, chairman was popular with students, faculty peers
Spring 2004
Raymond Muse became a teacher at the urging of his father, a farmer in the Ozarks, who didn't want to see his son spend the rest of his life "looking at the hind end of a team of mules."During more than three decades at Washington State University,...
Categories: History, WSU faculty
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All for one, one for all
Winter 2003
In the president's conference room I have placed a Smithsonian Institution poster showing a group of about a dozen meerkats. For many years I have been fascinated by these small mammals, about the size of prairie dogs, that survive in the harsh co...
Categories: Campus life, WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

Tim Pavish new head of WSU Alumni Relations
Winter 2003
Tim Pavish has been named executive director of Washington State University Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association. The 1980 graduate of WSU's Edward R. Murrow School of Communication was selected from 50 applicants in a national search. He b...
Categories: WSU faculty, Alumni
Tags: Alumni Association, WSU staff

Bhatia built Honors, International Programs
Summer 2003
Career educator Vishnu N. "Vic" Bhatia was a builder. Not with bricks and mortar, but with vision, drive, and diplomacy. He demonstrated this during his 47 years (1951-98) at Washington State University as a teacher, administrator, innovator, and ...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Education, WSU Honors Program, Students

White gave students and colleagues "a sense of hope and pride"
Summer 2003
More than half of Washington State University's living pharmacy alumni graduated during Allen I. White's 39-year tenure (1940-1979) as professor and/or dean of the College of Pharmacy. He was appointed dean in 1960, a position he held until retire...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Pharmacy, Education

George E. Duvall, gentleman scholar
Summer 2003
George E. Duval, 82, a pioneer of shock physics research and professor emeritus at Washington State University, died January 3, 2003 in Vancouver. He was internationally recognized as a founder and leader in studies related to shock wave propagati...
Categories: WSU faculty, Physics
Tags: In memoriam, Shock physics, Education

Rebuilding a city, repairing psyches
Spring 2003
"You can't put the blame on one side. Everybody has made some contributions to the misery."So thought Rafi Samizay, professor in the School of Architecture and Construction Management at Washington State University, as he stood in what is left of ...
Categories: WSU faculty, Architecture and design
Tags: Afghanistan

Drake enlivened the college experience
Spring 2003
For 36 years Charles H. Drake was a popular, well-respected professor at Washington State University. His introductory class in bacteriology attracted many non-science majors, as well as students preparing for careers in health care."He was an ext...
Categories: Biological sciences, WSU faculty
Tags: Bacteria, In memoriam

Faculty research tops $100 million
Winter 2002
Washington State University researchers conducted research valued at more than $100 million over the last year on projects that include a myriad subjects."We are proud of this achievement," says James N. Petersen, interim vice provost for research...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: Research

A compass, not a roadmap
Winter 2002
"Guided by a plan that hundreds of WSU people worked on for more than a year, we have maintained stability in one of the toughest years in our history." —V. Lane Rawlins Recently, I spent a day in Kongsberg, Norway, at a company that is the w...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: WSU presidents

Herbert Eastlick mentored thousands
Winter 2002
Zoology professor Herbert L. Eastlick was devoted to preparing students for professional careers in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine. He once described himself as a "taskmaster and autocrat in the classroom," motivated by his overridin...
Categories: Biological sciences, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam, Zoology

Paul Castleberry sharpened minds
Winter 2002
During 40 years in teaching, including 34 at Washington State University, H. Paul Castleberry touched the lives of many students. He taught courses in American government, international law and organizations, and U.S. foreign policy."He was never ...
Categories: Political science, WSU faculty
Tags: In memoriam

Alex Kuo wins American Book Award
Fall 2002
Alex Kuo’s Lipstick and Other Stories has won him the honor of the American Book Award. Kuo is Washington State University’s first writer-in-residence and chair of the Comparative American Cultures Program (CAC) and an English department facul...
Categories: WSU faculty, Awards and honors
Tags: Authors

An expert on human evolution, a long-distance driver
Fall 2002
Grover S. Krantz, world-renowned anthropologist and longtime Washington State University professor, died on February 14, 2002 in Port Angeles, Washington after an  eight-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Professor Krantz, or Grover, as eve...
Categories: WSU faculty, Anthropology
Tags: Evolution, In memoriam

Maloney honored for contributions to wood materials engineering
Spring 2002
Growing up in the mill town of Raymond, Washington, alumnus Thomas M. Maloney may have been destined to wind up in the wood products industry. In fact, he spent his entire professional career at Washington State University working with wood.Now pr...
Categories: Engineering, WSU faculty, Awards and honors
Tags: Materials engineering, Wood

Robert Bates named University provost
Spring 2002
For starters, alumnus Robert C. Bates wants to get reacquainted with Washington State University, its goals, and needs “so we can work together to make this fine institution even better.”Bates began his duties as new provost and academic vice ...
Categories: WSU faculty
Tags: WSU staff, Administration

The liberal art of judgment
Spring 2002
Effective judgment asks us to go beyond ourselves, beyond our assumptions, and beyond the comfort of our traditions.With little effort, we can now garner information about any part of the globe, society, legal system, health care remedy, religious...
Categories: Humanities, WSU faculty
Tags: Higher education, Judgment

From the President: Quality and Reputation
Winter 2001
I COMPLIMENT THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED in creating this new publication—Washington State Magazine. To me, it is an extension of the “World Class, Face to Face” spirit that pervades Washington State University today. I hope that our rea...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history
Tags: WSU presidents

Arts for all
Winter 2001
“WOULDN’T you like to write music for someone famous like NSYNC?” a Clarkston High School student asked Greg Yasinitsky.Tough crowd.But Yasinitsky, a Washington State University music professor and jazz studies coordinator an...
Categories: WSU faculty, Music, Education
Tags: Music education

Gorham earns award for animal disease research
Winter 2001
John Gorham, longtime professor of veterinary microbiology and pathology in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University, received the Gold Head Cane Award in July. The award from the Hartz Mountain Corp. recognizes h...
Categories: Veterinary medicine, Awards and honors, WSU faculty
Tags: Animal health