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Letters to the future
Summer 2015

The world's first time capsule that can be updated was designed in 1989, and now WSU alumni continue the tradition as Keepers of the Capsule.

Categories: Washington state history, Alumni
Tags: Time capsule

First Words for Summer 2014
Summer 2014

Washington state is a wonderful place to grow up and be a kid. Hannelore Sudermann reflects on the summer issue and her own Washington childhood.

Categories: Washington state history, Education, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Children

State of Wonder
Summer 2014

A childhood spent in Washington has never been better. Our abundant natural resources, our trove of teachers and volunteers, and our commitment to child development make this a great state to grow up in.

Categories: Washington state history, Education
Tags: Outdoors, Child development, Children

Mountains and Rivers and Prairies Without End
Spring 2014

“The whole concept has burgeoned ... to one where the landscape is part of why people select to live in certain locations, has political meaning, has religious meaning, has all of these other kinds of meaning.”

Categories: Anthropology, History, Washington state history
Tags: Landscape, Memory, Native Americans, Ecology

Small Towns You Should Visit
Summer 2013

Visiting small towns across Washington state can give you insight into the people, places, and the food of the region.

Categories: Washington state history
Tags: Small towns, Grand Coulee, Central Washington

Spaces between
Summer 2013

Taking the road less traveled can lead to serendipitous finds such as the whimsy of Emil Gehrke's windmill creations.

Categories: Washington state history, Visual arts
Tags: Small towns, Artists

Fruitful history
Spring 2013

Apple production was originally spread across eastern Washington, including the Lewiston-Clarkston valley, where a planned utopian community called Vineland was established.

Categories: Agriculture, Washington state history
Tags: Apples, Utopias, Orchards

The Law and the Land
Winter 2012

Indian law attorney and Colville tribal member Brian Gunn ’95 took on the challenge of his grandfather and brought home a gratifying settlement for years of federal mismanagement of Indian trust lands.

Categories: Law, Washington state history, Alumni
Tags: Indian Law, Colville Tribes, Native American leaders, Native Americans

The Murrow boys
Summer 2012
In 1913 Ethel and Roscoe Murrow moved their family from their small farm in North Carolina to the Puget Sound community of Blanchard hoping to find a better living for themselves and their three sons. The worldwide fame of their youngest, Ed...
Categories: Alumni, Washington state history
Tags: Edward R. Murrow, Skagit Valley, Family

The Atomic Landscape
Summer 2012

Seven decades after the first nuclear production facilities were sited at Hanford, we discover the cultural legacy. We sample from poetry, history, and art, as well as a WSU student’s master’s thesis.

Categories: Washington state history, History, Poetry
Tags: Hanford, Manhattan Project, Nuclear reactors, World War II, Atomic bomb

All About Everett
Winter 2011

The blue-collar Snohomish County city just 25 miles north of Seattle recently asked WSU to take over the University Center where graduates of its community college can go on to complete four-year degrees in a variety of  disciplines, including engineering. Snohomish, Skagit, and Island counties have been underserved by the state's four-year programs.

Categories: Washington state history, Education
Tags: Everett, Boeing, Ports, Higher education

Where land and water meet
Winter 2010
For Todd Mitchell '97, the purchase of Kiket Island near Deception Pass meant the return of  a cultural resource to his people. For the other myriad residents of the Puget Sound area, it is another decisive step toward restoring a priceless resource.
Categories: Washington state history, Environmental studies
Tags: Conservation, Parks, Deception Pass, Puget Sound, Kiket Island

The Cultivated Landscape
Fall 2010
One place you must add to your “must-visit-before-I-die” list is the Wenatchee Valley during full bloom of the pear and apple orchards in late April. Perhaps you’ve seen Van Gogh’s lovely, but not often reproduced, painting “The Pin...
Categories: Washington state history, Agriculture
Tags: Landscape, Pastoral

North Cascades Highway: Near Washington Pass
Spring 2010
Although the native people crossed the North Cascades on foot for thousands of years, white settlers dreamed of a more readily traveled northern route. The Washington legislature committed its first funding for such a route in 1893, based on ...
Categories: Washington state history
Tags: Highways, North Cascades Highway, Cascades

Hotel at the Top
Spring 2009
Pioneer James “Cashup” Davis dreamed big. At a time when most Washington settlers were carving farms out of the Palouse, he was so awed with the panoramic views of the Palouse from Steptoe Butte, he decided to build a hotel at the top. Davis’s...
Categories: Washington state history, History
Tags: Palouse, Hotels

Celebrating a century at Seattle's liveliest landmark
Fall 2007
It started a century ago, on August 17, 1907, when a small group of farmers set up stalls at the corner of First and Pike in Seattle and sold their produce right on the street. They claimed their little city-sponsored market experiment was born ou...
Categories: Washington state history, History
Tags: Farmers markets, Seattle