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Vanishing act
Spring 2015

WSU entomology professor Richard Zack has been visiting Guatemala and collecting arthropods for eight years to identify rapidly disappearing species.

Categories: Entomology
Tags: Guatemala, Arthropods, Collections

Do bugs have hearts and brains?
Spring 2015

Dr. Universe answers the question, “Do bugs have hearts and brains?”

Categories: Entomology, Education
Tags: Insects

Charting the course of a globe-trotting pathogen
Summer 2014

Jeb Owen and David Crowder, WSU entomologists and “disease detectives” chart the spread of West Nile virus in a Pacific Science Center exhibit.

Categories: Health sciences, Entomology
Tags: Diseases, West Nile Virus, Science education

Life Histories: The Butterflies of Cascadia
Fall 2012

In documenting the life histories of Cascadia’s butterflies, every one of the 158 species represented a separate research project. The result has been a wealth of biological and ecological knowledge that simply did not exist before David Nunnallee and WSU entomologist David James began their monumental task.

Categories: Entomology, Biological sciences
Tags: Butterflies, Cascades

Raising queens
Summer 2012
Few things are as mysterious and amazing as the life of the queen bee, says bee breeder Sue Cobey. Just a few days after she hatches from her cell, the queen’s fertility is optimal and she has just a brief time to mate for the rest of her fou...
Categories: Breeding, Entomology
Tags: Genetics, Honey bee, Queen bees

The worm turns: A Palouse native is found
Summer 2006
A Palouse native, not seen in nearly two decades and feared extinct, has been rediscovered. While digging soil samples at the Washington State University botany department's Smoot Hill preserve, University of Idaho graduate student Yaniria Sanchez...
Categories: Entomology, Biological sciences
Tags: Palouse

A Sweet Buzz: Honey
Winter 2005
Entomologist Steve Sheppard has never gotten over his wonder at how people came to raise swarms of stinging insects for the honey they produce."To see this guy dumping out thousands of bees to collect honey from their hive. . ." He shakes his head...
Categories: Entomology, Food
Tags: Bees, Honey

Bear Bones: A Murder Mystery
Summer 2005
It must have been easy to drop the body into this part of Pullman, a section that sees so little traffic. The old county road was research land where hardly anyone but the groundskeepers ventured. But somebody had an ugly secret to hide.
Categories: Campus life, Entomology
Tags: Crimes, Death, Forensics

Woodley collects, identifies, and preserves flies
Spring 2005
From his office in the Smithsonian Institution's Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Norm Woodley helps care for the world's largest bug collection and identifies threatening pests before they get into the country.A fly specialist and taxonomist, Wo...
Categories: Alumni, Entomology
Tags: Flies

The Butterfly Lady
Fall 2004
Like many children, Chris Hunter Hebdon enjoyed being outdoors, searching for insects on the ground, in the water, and on plants. Beetles were her favorite.Her love of insects came from her mother, who, when she returned to school to become a biol...
Categories: Alumni, Entomology
Tags: Butterflies

Building a better bee trap
Spring 2004
Bee-trap manufacturers like to use a chemical substance called pheromones to attract bees into traps and away from people. Problem is, they don't always work.Providing the right amount of pheromones is imperative. Too many pheromones or too much o...
Categories: Biological sciences, Entomology
Tags: Bees