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The Summer issue
Spring 2010
Some of you will not see the Summer issue of Washington State Magazine. Or so you say. I hope I can change your minds. I’m referring, of course, to our experimental online-only issue made possible by recent budget cuts. When I first announced...
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Virtually WSU
Fall 2009
Swoop around Bryan Hall clock tower like Superman. Examine tiny details of the Sistine Chapel murals. Enter Tut’s tomb. Float in a cell next to the mitochondria. All within 15 minutes.What sounds like a fever dream becomes a reality within the v...
Categories: Communication, Websites
Tags: Second Life, Virtual world journalism, Virtual worlds

Interesting times, Part II
Fall 2009
Having not been spared from Washington State University’s recent budget woes, we can think of no other way to absorb our share of the cuts than to drop one issue of the printed Washington State Magazine.Now, before I go on, let me make a few quic...
Categories: WSU history, Websites
Tags: Budget

Meaningful glimpses
Winter 2008
Little of what goes on at a university is the stuff of breaking news. The general formula for what gets reported about a university is pretty much the same as for politics and world affairs: money gained and lost, a result here, a conclusion there...
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Blogger's world
Fall 2006
Amelia Veneziano, a junior at Washington State University, has a weakness when it comes time to do her homework. When she settles in to her Pullman apartment and turns on her computer, instead of researching a paper or e-mailing a professor, she k...
Categories: WSU students, Communication, Websites
Tags: Internet, Blogs

One hot link: WSU's Ownbey Herbarium Web site
Spring 2003
http://www.wsu.edu/~wsherb/"From Rainforest to Grassland," on WSU's Ownbey Herbarium Web site, takes you on a virtual tour of Washington plant communities, from Cape Flattery on the nort...
Categories: Websites, WSU collections
Tags: Herbarium

One hot link: Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Fall 2002
Archives? Stuffy. Boring. Dusty. Right? Ah, then you haven’t logged on to Washington State University’s Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) Website. This site packs in a ton of fascination.For sheer quirkiness and creativity,...
Categories: Websites, Library and museum studies
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