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Seeing and Knowing
Winter 2014

There is still much to see and to know for all of us, as the stories in this issue take new looks at art, maps, and the natural world.

Categories: Fine Arts, Washington State Magazine
Tags: Observation, Artists, Climate change

Finding the artist: An absurd, incredible journey
Winter 2014

We trace the history of Harold Balazs ’51, one of the most prolific public artists in the Northwest. Settling in Washington, he has made our corner of the universe a nicer place to be.

Categories: Alumni, Fine Arts
Tags: Artists, Public art

Art in public places
Winter 2014

Washington state's Art in Public Places program enhanced WSU and state buildings since 1974.

Categories: Fine Arts
Tags: Public art, Buildings

In plain sight
Winter 2014

Thousands pass by Broken Arrow, a sculpture in Terrell Library, each week without realizing its significance.

Categories: Fine Arts, WSU collections
Tags: Library, Sculpture

First Words for Fall 2014
Fall 2014

Subtle ties between stories are revealed in the issue, from garbage to art to health sciences to food.

Categories: Fine Arts, Health sciences, Sociology
Tags: Garbage, Food

Where the heart is
Fall 2014

Artist Jim Dine gave WSU The Technicolor Heart in 2004. Now he has given a significant collection of more than 200 of his prints to the University.

Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: WSU Museum of Art, Jim Dine, Printmaking, Prints, Museums

Cori Dantini ’93—Art and whimsy
Summer 2014

Cori Dantini ’93 has captivated fans all over the world with her whimsical art.

Categories: Alumni, Fine Arts
Tags: Artists

A wider canvas
Spring 2014

Major plans for a new WSU Museum of Art could bring an innovative building to the center of campus, thanks in part to a large gift to further the arts.

Categories: Library and museum studies, Fine Arts
Tags: Buildings, Contemporary prints, WSU Museum of Art

History develops, art stands still: An art historian journeys into the Renaissance
Winter 2013

The Tornabuoni family of Renaissance Florence, Italy, were patrons of the arts and, as WSU art historian Maria Deprano explains, appeared in many pieces.

Categories: Fine Arts, History
Tags: Renaissance, Italy, Florence, Art history

Patrick Siler ’61—On the wall
Fall 2012

Former WSU art professor Patrick Siler '61 has painted a fantastical mural that covers a wall in downtown Pullman. It's his way of creating visual fireworks in the town he taught in for 32 years.

Categories: Fine Arts, Alumni
Tags: Artists, Pullman life, Public art, Mural

Mural, mural, on the wall
Fall 2012

Artist and WSU fine arts faculty member for 32 years, Patrick Siler’s outdoor wall mural “Pine Street Plaza Mural” holds a prominent position in downtown Pullman. 

Categories: Fine Arts, Alumni
Tags: Pullman life, Public art, Mural

An art history
Spring 2011
Worth D. Griffin stepped off the train in Pullman in the fall of 1924 to find Washington State College’s art department barely four years old and with just one other full-time faculty member. Prior to that, the only art instruction offe...
Categories: WSU faculty, WSU history, Fine Arts
Tags: Native Americans, Painting, Artists

Spiritual landscapes
Fall 2010
Contemporary Aboriginal PaintingsFrom the Collection of Margaret Levi and Robert KaplanWSU Museum of Art, October 1–December 11, 2010Although the details and relationships vary amongst Australian Aboriginal groups, in the beginning the landscape ...
Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Aboriginal art, Australia

World of Mateo
Summer 2010
The work of Matthew LeikerWSU Museum of Art, May 18–July 2 The World of Mateo is filled with images of an American subculture known by no particular name but seemingly related to road culture, California style, album jacket graphics of the 5...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: Pop Art, Surfer culture, Artists

Art Still at Large
Summer 2009
An episode of the Antiques Road Show television program last winter stirred some memories across the Palouse and brought to mind one of the most influential alumni to graduate from Washington State’s fine arts program. A woman from California b...
Categories: Fine Arts
Tags: Artists, Clyfford Still

What is Art For?
Spring 2009
Art, says independent scholar Ellen Dissanayake '57, is "making special." It is an act that gives us a sense of belonging and meaning. It is passed from mother to child. Its origins lie deep in our evolutionary past. It makes us human.
Categories: Anthropology, Fine Arts
Tags: Evolution, Art history, Dance

Robert Helm, 65 - Acclaimed Northwest artist, teacher
Spring 2009
Robert Helm, an acclaimed Northwest artist known for surreal imagery and exquisite craftsmanship, died October 21, 2008. He was 65. Helm was born in Wallace, Idaho, and attended North Central High School in Spokane, where he met Tamara Kimpel. They...
Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Artists, In memoriam

Ray Troll: A story of fish, fossils, and funky art
Spring 2007
Ray Troll '81 has a species of ratfish named after him, Hydrolagus trolli. He calls Darwin "Chuckie D" and paints pictures of him driving around in an Evolvo. This is a man who has embraced his past and paints it wildly and beautifully.
Categories: Alumni, Music, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Evolution, Artists

An equation for beauty
Winter 2006
The painter spends his days on the third floor of an ancient biscuit plant in a seedy section of industrial Ballard. The building, just a block from the Ballard Bridge, houses a collection of artists, mostly ceramicists whose main-floor kiln warms...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: Painting, Artists

Art and Enterprise: Jordan Swain '00
Fall 2006
So I'm riding around Bellevue with this very high-energy 27-year-old painter, and I'm starting to think, "Well, maybe I should take up painting." That's how infectious my companion is. She makes it sound like so much fun.Jordan Swain '00 offers me...
Categories: Fine Arts, Alumni
Tags: Painting

Growing as an Artist
Spring 2006
Isaac Powell, a graduate student in the Department of Fine Arts, recently won national attention for his work when a piece took grand prize in a juried competition for young artists with disabilities. The competition winners are now part of a trav...
Categories: Fine Arts, Awards and honors
Tags: Museums, Artists

The Clothesline Project
Spring 2006
Haunting and colorful, the Clothesline Project usually stops students in their tracks as they head across the Glenn Terrell Mall to class. It's a display of several hundred t-shirts made by people connected to Washington State University with mess...
Categories: Campus life, Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Pullman life, Artists

Growing as an Artist
Spring 2006
windows along the north wall look out over Martin Stadium. They offer quite a view, especially on game days, says Powell. On one wall hang two of his latest pieces, paintings on birch plywood, a medium he says gives him more of a feeling of perman...
Categories: Visual arts, Fine Arts
Tags: Artists

Living with Art
Winter 2005

What happens when enjoyment becomes passion.

Categories: Fine Arts
Tags: Decor, Painting, Sculpture

Pop Art in Pullman
Winter 2005
This fall, Washington State University's Museum of Art is showing more than 70 works by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Entitled Roy Lichtenstein Prints 1956-97, the exhibit offers a comprehensive record of the artist's evolution. Lichtenstein explo...
Categories: Fine Arts, Visual arts
Tags: WSU Museum of Art, Pop Art, Painting

Ann Christenson's Time Piece
Winter 2005
Bringing disparate images together into a unified whole seems to come naturally to ceramic artist Ann Christenson, professor of fine arts at Washington State University. It's particularly evident in one of her most recent projects-a sundial.Christ...
Categories: Fine Arts
Tags: Time, Sundial

Adorning the world
Winter 2005
The opening of the Metropolitan Museum's exhibition was the first time the visiting Marquesans had seen these representations of their culture.In conjunction with the opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City of Adorning the World: ...
Categories: Fine Arts
Tags: Marquesan art

Heart Trouble
Fall 2005
Last fall workers planted a painted bronze heart sculpture by internationally known artist Jim Dine just steps from Stadium Way on one of Washington State University's busiest intersections.Painted bright blue, the sculpture stands about 12 feet hi...
Categories: Campus life, Fine Arts
Tags: Sculpture

Seen from the Street: Photographs of Spokane
Winter 2004
One lens. One photographer. A unique perspective on Spokane.
Categories: Fine Arts, Photography
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Imagine: Class combines word and image to understand William and Blake
Fall 2004
The students in this class not only study Blake as both poet and visual artist--they also make images as he made them.
Categories: English, Fine Arts
Tags: Printing, Poetry

A Little Bronze—Strategically Placed
Fall 2004
Although it might be better known for wine and wheat, Walla Walla is also home to one of the most prominent fine-art foundries. For a short time this fall, 32 sculptures cast at the Walla Walla Foundry will reside at 13 locations across the Pullman campus.
Categories: Fine Arts, Campus life
Tags: Sculpture

A Winner: Small-World Photomicrography
Summer 2004
This photograph of a thin copper film surface by former Washington State University materials science student Megan Cordill won 16th place in Nikon's 29th annual Small World Comp...
Engineering, Fine Arts
Tags: Awards, Materials engineering, Photography

Architecture from the Weapons of War
Spring 2004
Homes constructed from artillery shells. Military tanks used as foundations for bridges. Flowerpots that were once parts of missiles. In Afghanistan, a generation of war has resulted in a strange new architecture, built from the implements of dest...
Categories: Fine Arts, Architecture and design
Tags: Weapons, Photography, Afghanistan

3 Degrees of Cool
Spring 2004
Works from the Virginia and Bagley Wright CollectionA new exhibition from the collection of Virginia and Bagley Wright, curated by Chris Bruce, director of the Museum of Art at Washington State University, takes the definition of cool to new heigh...
Categories: Fine Arts
Tags: WSU Museum of Art

A New language
Summer 2003
Claudine Elian uses language in her art because, as she puts it, unlike representational art, words exist in their complete state only when they are both written and read. However, she also finds the Latin alphabet static and conforming. So she in...
Categories: Languages and linguistics, Fine Arts
Tags: Writing